Fall of modern men

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  1. Well, this thread turned out exactly how I thought it would
  2. big NO girl, you are really a typical girl half knowledge and fully charged, where i have mentioned a male as super aggressive physically but yes male are assertive and territorial often possessive. and real men are aggressive on mental front. your knowledge about my construct is half because your did not read my earlier post. read that first then comment.

    wake up lady, what you calling view is the truth of 21st century too many men are just wasting themselves oven petty things not focused and easily manipulated, see why dating apps are so popular? why night clubs are always full despite of unreasonably high entry price? why online sites and social media apps are booming and physical social clubs are closing down?
    i am a student of sociology and psychology. i have read too many books over these things so do not tell me its my "VIEW" it is a fact and males are aggressive traditionally physically but now it more mind oriented and monetary success is aggression.

    what you call a stereotype was actually true till 16th century before the modern age.

    let me tell you one more thing that will open some of your ignorant eyes--

    this world is all about men, it was all about men, i will be all about men. in pre-modern times men looked at female who was bounded by family structure but was perfectly happy under protection of her father and brothers. powerful men made a narrative that women is oppressed so that men the powerful men can get many number of women sexually available to them without bounded the the marriage. and cut strings the women have with family so that she try to find solace outside. NOW situation perfectly is in favor of those powerful men who own "superstructure" and "factors of production". whether you like it or not women now are just perfect tools in hands of men. now women are alcoholic, depressed, lost the orientation, not able to form strong bonds with anybody because they are too busy thinking they can better man :D . world liberal narrative about women is they are getting better and progressive. let me tell you this 21st century will be a dark times for women it is getting progressively darker.

    as far as men are concerned only strong and visionary succeed now.
    whether you like it or not this is the truth.

    YES their generation will end eventually. nature is too smart to let live weak genetics (not physically anymore but mind-wise)
    got all your answers? @Ginny Weasley
  3. There is an objective standard for manliness biologically built into women. And there is one for women built into men. Most porn aims at surpassing these standards (which makes it more attractive than real life).

    Porn is a central feature of a global agenda against Christ.

    For counting offspring, only women matter. There are many infertile and childless ones, who already ended their genetic lines. Not only testosterone is going down globally, there is also wide-spread infertility.
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    Exactly. Everyone has their own idea and perception of what constitutes a 'real' man. May it be their physical, mental and emotional attributes and qualities that they may or may not have.
  5. Not a single rule has changed actually, Western societies are just falling apart and get replaced with functioning ones.
  6. You were talking about the "21st century", but what we are seeing are the dying leftovers of the 20th century - the American century. The actual 21st century (starting after a devastating war as usual) will be a pretty boring one, especially for women.
  7. The 19th century ended in 1914 and the 20th century started for real in 1945 and didn't end yet. I'm thinking in historical eras, you use the Gregorian calendar.

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    There definitely are weak men, and they are much more numerous now than they were 3, 4, 5, 6 decades ago. Being strong isn’t about being aggressive, it’s about being able to stand up for the morals you believe to be correct whether they’re popular or not.

    I don’t see that much. I see little boys who hate themselves because the actions of others and being controlled by feminists to support things that aren’t even issues.
  9. Today I found another example: a thread by a 30something, who plans to marry a mother with children from someone else, while being in war with her family. One who already told her family about his small penis and that he doesn't get it up. But for some very mysterious reason this is not a reason for her to end it...

    As many men raised by single mothers he was an involuntary celibate into his 30s and is now preparing signing his suicide note in hope of granting him permanent access to pussy and he doesn't even have a clue what sexless living hell awaits him once he signed the marriage certificate.

    This is what this "changed society" creates.
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    Man are alot more weaker , i see it everyday , i usually walk alot of uni district of my town , and everyday i see alot of weak sad kids , skinny/fat with bad walking posture , it is a decease, because of how modern western civilizations are going , everyday appears more mental deceases more "problems" etc... Everyday people complain about something , and depress because of that .sometimes i wounder how much of us would survive on medieval Times , and what our ancestrors think of todays majority mans.
  11. A good question. Back in medieval times marriage and family was considered a very manly pursuit or at least a characteristic that a man had his medieval shit together. During those times the legal age to marry was around 12 yrs of age, usually only allowed for the very rich, while most commoners, the average person, would marry around 20 to 25 yrs of age. This means these 20-25 yr olds would have been expected to have had prospects suitable for marriage and a family aka having your shirt together. I think one can see the vast difference between those times and these and that even the people who would consider themselves the most manly of men in present time would have been considered unsuitable for the title of “manly” back in the medieval era.

    Most men of those times were also judged by their physical stature, intellectual stature, and their level of virtue, such has religion (yes religion isn’t just an organization but a moral virtue as well).
  12. I think it’s safe to say that what is considered manly and feminine deals with both natural law AND social constructs.
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    Agree with you 100% ! I also think that altough the deceases , wars etc... I think that much of those mens were much happier than todays mens
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  14. I think that would be a presumption on our part if we thought that.
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    Yes its a presumption ahah we were never there but , the majority of history books arent right , only God truly knows how living was there
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    Or people had a different idea, or less expectations about happiness. How about biology and social construction as far as happiness is concerned? OMG I can't stream my shows - first world problems?
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    For a thread full of "men" there is an awful lot of bitching going on.
  18. That and I don’t think addiction has ever been considered a characteristic of someone who’s manly. Lmao!
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    Global plummeting T levels on males since 1980s due to advent of initially magazine porn and then internet porn leading to rampant male masturbation stripping men of intrinsic manly qualities... isn’t that why we’re all here?? Lol
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  20. Medieval 20 year old: Faced at least one wild animal,got drowned in at least twice,been to 3 battles.Made a woman pregnant.Respects ladies

    Modern 20 year old: plays video games,eats junk,Is a hardass on the internet,hides behind Ip adress.Think women are selfish and leeches and want only money from them.Doesnt go outdoors.

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