Feel Betrayed, was he really my friend?

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  1. Last February, I got a new job and the store manager quickly became my friend. We went out to the casino a few times. Talked about going hunting. We hung out at bars a few times.

    One night, I showed him my music and he was blown away. He was 100% in for the cause of getting somewhere and even got a few friends on board with the idea of creating a record label. We would quickly copyright everything, pay for the website, then he'd bring in his connections and we'd get gigs. Seems pretty simple. But it never went anywhere. I'm convinced he wasn't a good friend or a narcissist. Maybe just a buddy along for the ride. Not even a true friend.

    Pretty much, I did ALL of the work. I managed all the social media accounts, created the music, was the ceo, I wore all the hats while he claimed to be busy at work. Dude gets off work at 7:00 he had time to post something quick in IG. But he convinced me he was so on board with it, he seemed so excited and thrilled with our label but didn't show me through his actions. He wished he could have helped design the website and did pay for the domain.

    "This is going to be it. I'm going to make sure we get places. I believe in 2020 we will change edm! I'll bring my people in and manage the contracts, etc, etc, etc."

    He convinced me so much that we would go places but his actions never showed any work. The most work he did was post one social media post in three months and help pay for our domain. That's it!? He also told me he had connections to a major label and supposedly met up with a friend of his who manages a band to talk about promoting us. Months went by and we never copyrighted our music,never played out, he told me he had the gigs lined up and had the connections but we had to wait until everything was copyrighted. I believed him and still do believe my music could get somewhere.

    Was he truly my friend? I'm not convinced he was 100% into it. He also told me the owner was planning on firing me and kept telling me how he was trying to get me to stay and buy me some time before he did. Our regional manager(Family friend of mine) knew nothing of it. When I was sick or needed someone to vent to, he wasn't there. He just started kind of fading away once I left that job.

    Now, I'm glad we no legal ties. I just need an outsider to give me an idea of what this guy's deal is. We haven't spoken in two months, I found out today he's on vacay and I get no calls, no business talk, nothing.

    I'm truly disappointed and feel betrayed here guys. It would make me feel more content if an outsider with experience in fake friends could give me their take.
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    I’d just call him a flake. I have friends that promise the world and never follow through. Once you figure out that’s how they operate, you won’t be disappointed by them anymore because you won’t have any expectations from them.
  3. I'll get over it. I just kind of hoped that our friendship would have really pushed that record label to the top.
    His loss. It's MY music, not his.
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    I would suggest you to find a new partner to do it with. After all he's your store manager! He earns money from you and when relationships got money involved, it would probably turn out badly.
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  5. Exactly my thoughts. This guy is the type to say a lot, but never follow through, an unreliable character. I knew a similar person, we were supposed to do covers of songs together and post them on her YouTube channel (she was a very good singer, I'm a pianist), but she never arranged meetups, never communicated about it, I was always the one having to intiate texts about songs we could do... eventually I gave up and as of now, I don't speak to her anymore. People like this, including your "friend", are people who lack the balls to tell you "no, I can't".

    The above is also correct, because he was your boss, going into music with him might've turned out poorly. Hopefully you'll find somebody else to make music with.
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  6. When I left for another job and came back, he also fought for me to get my job back, and was my friend outside of work. I think I'll find somebody else some day, or a group of guys who want to form a band. Than I apply what I have there.
  7. He wasn't technically my boss, just the manager of the store. Our district manager was our boss. We are both the same age around gen Z kids who worked with us. But, yeah. I was the one doing all of the work. It was my baby, not his. My gut told me watch out for him, he's probably just in for the money. My gut never fails me.

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