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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by s0gek1ng, May 4, 2019.

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    It's my day 9 and i'm feeling like shit and this mood change is very sudden and i'm not feeling like doing things and 1 more thing i'm taking too much stress to keep up with the streak because benefits that i felt during this whole week were significant and i was very social and energetic but today i'm feeling like shit it's like even if i want to ejaculate i will not be able to because my dick will not erect my mood is so off is it normal , i heard about flatline but is it too soon to hit flatline ?
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  2. Infrasapiens

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    It is normal. Keep going.
  3. It's ok to feel like that in the first day. But hey, don't expect any miracles. Don't be like "im gonna do this nofap thing and just wait". You gotta work too. Do a to do list and follow it with discipline. Keep your head busy. Read, exercise, meditate and eat healthy. If you just keep the entire day depressing yourself waiting for a change to happen all of a sudden im sorry man its not how it works. Hope you can get better.
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    My thoughts are with you dude. Don't stop trying. You have the strength to overcome this addiction. If you can NOFAP for one day of your life that proves it, all you need to do is repeat what you've already done for the rest. Invincible Under The Sun (above) hit the nail on its head; NOFAP isn't the end solution to your unhappiness and negative emotions, instead it opens the path to the person you want to be, which I assume is a person who is happy and positive. Now that you're on NOFAP you should begin looking more deeply into yourself, overcome your anxieties and become a KING.
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    Let the flatline be. Every guys parts are almost always limp for most of the time. Nothing to worry about.
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    Having heavy mood swings is normal on your recovery, except after a relapse or at the beginning, because (in my situation) I watched porn because I am lonely. To avoid the loneliness I watched porn to not thinking about it. On my journey (and still now) my mind handles with this loneliness because earlier I didn´t it, so it has to make up for this processing, only harder. Tha`s why I had also very heavy mood swings. But now the mood swings are getting lower and lower.

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