Female interaction key to rebooting?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Mithradates, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Mithradates

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    I am wondering if having female contact after a reboot of 30-90 days, is essential to achieving a reboot. I am dating a girl(our first date was last night) we just hugged, held hands, and kissed
    Is female contact important for rewiring our neural pathways? Or will it set me back if I orgasm with her too early? It seemed like she wanted to have sex last night, but I knew I wasnt ready so I just dropped her off.

    Also now I keep fantasizing about her. Are fantasies essentially porn in your head? and Will that set me back?

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  2. N0thing

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    There's a reason nofap suggests 90 days without pmo as a reboot. Some brains don't understand the difference between sex and p after years of use. It's up to you ofcourse and what your goals are, but I would suggest taking it easy on sex until the 90 days are finished. Othervise you might start craving something more. Good luck man!
  3. Mithradates

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    Yeah I think I will hold off, I dont even really like this girl.
    I am getting the feeling I will need a lot more than 90 days, but I am ready to accept the challenge. As long as it takes
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  4. bigboibez

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    if you have no sexual dysfunction sex is healthy to rewire the brain.
    watch out for the chaser though..
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