Fight club 2020/2021

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  1. I am thinking of creating a whatsapp group again. It has been a huge success in the past and most of the members in the group got trough. Even myself got to 105 days at most.

    This is the Fight club whatsapp group.

    To enter you need to be at least 10 days clean and be sure that you are dedicated.

    I am inviting people from all cultures and time zones to join. Feel free to express your beliefs but dont go too far down the rabbit hole.

    We will try to build each others up by creating a positive environment.

    We can discuss workout plans, diet, sleep tips, meditation, sexual transmutation and more. There is no limits really as long as we dont dive into topics that can turn into arguments.

    We want the members to be mature and keep the weapons at the door.

    No problem if you are mentally ill or whatever but be sure you are ready to make a real effort to stay clean.

    I can add a lot more but I think that covers it. We will make this group great together.

    I am also limiting it to maximum 20 members so the chat doesn't get absolutely crazy. It usually does in the beginning but then it settles down.

    PM me your numbers with a short explanation of what your motivations are and why you will succeed this time. Looking forward to hear from you.

    - Nofapsincebirth

    PS: Im quite busy so dont be worried if I take a while to reply.
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  2. Batdrew

    Batdrew Fapstronaut

    Looking forward to join. Today is my day 3 so expect me in one week. :emoji_sunglasses:
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  3. Stay strong :) I believe in you
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  4. @Batdrew you seem ready to join :) PM me your number if still interested.

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