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    Just turned 18, and i am a student!
    I got exposed to masturbation when i was in maybe 13. Initially masturbation felt good, but it has started ruining my life from the past 2 years. I started to feel the lack of focus in my studies, due to P&M. I started feeling weak.
    From 16 , i started self control on my own somehow and reduced the frequency to a few times a month. But quarantine has triggered it more now. I came across the NoFap, and i want to now permanently stop masturbation,a long as possible.
    I have read a lot of articles about brahmacharya, semen retention, but it is so hard to practically control the urges, and almost impossible for me to do so when i am alone. I started making my own reboot log personally, from this year, now i have found the community! I hope will build self control, and make my life better and better..
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  2. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community! :)

  3. Hoping is one step before acting on it. Don't just hope, transform it into reality. Make a gameplan... Follow it, work hard to change yourself into a better person. And you will get whatever goals you want to achieve in life. :)
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