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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by enrrari, Jan 12, 2017.

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    I finally completed 30 days without PMO. It's been almomst a year since I started trying to stop for at least one month, even before I met NoFap, and I never finished 30 days. I would begin, fail in week 2 or 3, feel guilty and wait till the month begin again to make it easier. But december I decided to join NoFap and I finally made it. I think that travelling may have helped, because we would walk a lot and be out of the hotel almost all day, leaving no time for PMO. These last days, I caught myself thinking what would I do after I finish: Would I be happy that I achieved my goal and go back to PMO or would I continue for more time? I've made my decision and I'll continue on NoFap, without PMO, because I think it can bring positive effects. Some things happened to me in this month, but I can't say if it's due to NoFap, but I'll keep going. I got lots of free time, and by being so full of time I became bored. I decided to make a barbecue with my school friends and gave the idea of going bowling with these same school friends. I started talking to almost all my Facebook friends, even those whom I haven't been talking with for more than 3 years and those whom I didn't even know exactly, and I discovered that some people can be more interesting than it appears. I can only say one thing: if this is due to NoFap or not, I will not risk wasting my time on PMO. I hope all you guys can also achieve your goals.
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  3. Congrats. I'm just starting out on a month! It seems difficult
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    Good for you !
    Interesting how Nofap impact our social life.
    I'm 22 days clean, and I think I get more social as well.
    Looking to hit 30 too.
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  5. Thats very good to read. Somehow reading these types of successes gets you motivated again. Currently in my hardest reboot so far but hope to be through this for once and all too now
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    The first 30 days is always the hardest, and you've gotten there! Keep going :)
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