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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Karegador, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Karegador

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    It has been sometime since I last logged onto nofap. What caused me to stop using this site, I cannot say. Perhaps it was getting tired of having to hit reset on my counters, perhaps I just lost the will to continue trying. I doubt I will know the answer to that but then again it does not matter because I'm back.

    The desire to live fap free is still alive and I am ready to get back up, dust myself off and forge ahead once more.

    During my time away, I have not been able to go even a day without some sort of fapping, whether it be to completion or simply edging. My biggest issue has been that everything, as of late. Or more acurately over the course of my time away, makes me think of sex. This in turn makes me want to fap and eventually the urge reaches the point where I fap or edge.

    When I have fapped to completion, I have, I'm proud to say, not done so multiple times in the same day but, unfortunately, once a day on consecutive days. It seems as though my over active sex drive is intent on driving me insane.

    There have been times where I get so busy that I am too tired or just to caught up in things to even desire fapping. I am very proud of these times but when the eventual lull comes I get overwhelmed by desire that I end up binging, thankfully these binges have been taking the form of once a day every day.

    Needless to say I am frustrated and tired of this. I got the best sleep of my life when I managed to go 14 days without fapping. I was more energized and felt alive. And, of course, sex was so much more amazing.

    I need and desire to get back to that. I know it will be a war, especially now that I have gone a month or so in one long bing. It is my hope that by posting this declaration of intent, I will be re-affirming my goal and will be able to go 7 days fap free and from there to 30.
  2. PornNevermore

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    Good luck to you man. If you need anyone to talk t, feel free to PM me.
  3. Karegador

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    Thanks. I'll be sure to remember that.
  4. M123

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    You can win bro get good benefit to you self
  5. Youshallnotpass

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    Some questions for you Karegador :
    Are you truly motivated to stop ? Do you think that stopping masturbation could change your life ? Do you like challenges ? Do you want to succeed in life ? If you answer Yes to those four questions, I will give you a technique that worked for me. I simply ask you to be honest with yourself, your answer has to be well thought out. I just broke my record today and i'm pretty sure I will beat my lifetime record in 2 days. I did it thanks to that technique. Keep me informed !

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