Flatline or not flatline..

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    I have a weird situation.. I'm currently on day 28, my previous streak was 17 days, I got flatline on this previous streak..low libido, no energy, I just wanted to lie in bed, no morning wood, decreased penis size, and similar but I relapsed few times at this and reset my counter, after that for 1 month I couldn't go higher than 10 days.. only like 5, 6, 7 ,9 days of streak And I was relapsing. After 1 month I went now 28 days but I relapsed one time at day 7, and 13, (I'm doing nofap hard mode), from day 13 I didn't ejaculated, for 7 days from start of this current streak I was watching porn but I stopped it at day 10, from this day I'm clean and at day 21/22 I got again..low energy.. no libido..again wanted to lie in bed.. same feel.. no morning Woods and penis again lost sensivity and "life" but I felt again good back on day 26 until now... Energy back, libido back, motivation back even morning wood back.. but... Penis still decreased size.. low sensivity, and now my question is .... I guess I'm still in flatline but... What.. .. it's weird..
    am I in flatline for real or my brain just went crazy... and before everything I hope that my penis size will come back I know that around 50/60 days penis is going back again to normal.
    I wanted to add that I'm taking zinc pills every day so I just believe that testosterone after zinc pills are just keeping me in good mood, maybe that's why I have back energy and libido?... but still not sure..

    Please tell what you think.

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