Four years of PMO free life: tips that helped me during my reboot

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  1. I celebrated four years of PMO free life on May 12th. 2019.
    It was a bumpy road, some days got better and some days worst.
    It is a big step if you can understand what is triggering your urges, because this will allow you to be awake and kill those urges as soon as they appear.
    I discovered I was a PMO addict by chance when the Ted Talk video of Gary Wilson popped up in my Ipad by chance. I was not watching P in that moment , I still think it was sign of God. I was shocked by learning that I WAS AN ADDICT, which sounds silly now because I was doing PMO 4-5 times PER DAY, meeting with hundred of escorts and hooking up in promiscuous places with hundred of guys during 41 YEARS!
    On my 8th month clean, when the "foggy brain" started to disappear, I remembered that I was sexually abused by three older kids in the school restroom when I was 10 years old. My brain coped with the trauma hiding completely these memories behind PMO addiction.
    I managed to be clean 3 years and 3 days on my first streak, and had three relapses this last year, but I am still on my feet, fighting every day as if it were the last.

    Here are some things that helped me a lot during my reboot:

    I recommend you to create your own "Emergency Toolbox" with readings that can be handy to read when you start feeling urges to screw up.
    I can share this post with you with my own Emergency Toolbox, it helped me a lot during the first few months, i had them in my cell and read them every time I started falling down:

    I wrote some tips in this post that perhaps will help you too:
    You can watch some interesting videos which are also very helpful in this post:

    I also suggest you to read "Breaking the Cycle" by George Collins, it is a must-read if you are serious about getting rid of this addiction.

    To get more focus and feel happier with life I recommend you to start doing meditation.. I have been using an App called Headspace for the last two months which is great if you have never meditated before. The first 10 sessions are free if you want to give a try. I used to feel a bit depressed or feeling without energy to start new projects in my life, and meditation has helped me a lot with this.

    Last but not least, I would strongly recommend you to take new e-course that Mark Queppet launched in his new website, called: " REFORGED MAN: Quit porn and Master Yourself-Be a Man you Admire", it is the updated version of the e-course he used to have in NoFap Academy. It is not cheap ($200) but it is totally worth it because he gives great toold to fight PMO.You can find it here:

    You can also join his website called Patreon, where he posts great stuff for free every week, and also you can join the pay area to be part of his weekly video calls where you can chat with them in real life, get coaching and listen to other guys's stories and problems too. You can find it here:

    I hope that all this helps you to fight this shitty addiction.
    Let's keep on fighting

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    Excellent post, thanks. I will get started on my emergency toolbox :)
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    Very nice! I agree too much to the points 2; 5; 6; 8; 10; 11 wich are the ones I already feel in the current time. My counting marker is right, 22 days.

    Beard growing is one of the things wich is happening to me in these few days! As a biologist student I'm almost sure it's because the Testosterone concentration growing day by day in the blood.

    You said also that you can see the "boring faces" of the men who practice PMO yet... I was thinking like that days ago and was fighting with my mind if it's a fair thought, but I really think now that it is!!! They really look down because they don't have vital energy in their bodies... I hope all men come to the knowkledge of this Nofap comunity as soon as possible.
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  4. I am happy you found the post interesting @ledener
    I see you are from Brazil. There are some posts in Portuguese and we have a very active forum in Spanish if you want to participate:ñol.50547/page-407#post-2060339
    Stay strong
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    NoFap Defender

    Many thanks. Nice to see such progress!
  6. Good on you Fercho! What an amazing Journey you've had! I'm glad to see you're doing so well with this...

    Thank you for sharing your lifestyle change, and for the book recommendation.

    All of the best,
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    Congratulations bro! I am very inspired by your commitment and dedication to NoFap!!!
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    Wow, that's crazy. I assumed pmo can be in some cases a way to cope with the abuse.
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  10. Yes, our brain tries to protect us from worst actions (like commiting suicide or kill the abuser) by hiding behind PMO. Unfortunately our brain "thinks" that this is a good way to preserve ourselves and we get stuck in the negative cycle of the addiction for ever (repeating once and again the trauma instead of letting it go away)

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