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    Hey Moin folks, I think it's strong first as everyone fights here.

    I'mm now on day 28 and have a problem. I downloaded tinder out of curiosity and met a girl. Made out with her after the second date and she even wanted sex. I can't because I have stupid porn-induced erectile dysfunction. But I told her I'm excited and that's why it doesn't work. Have you already had such an experience? Or what can you do there? Should you be honest about that? Do the blue pills help? I ordered the last one

    Litle Info : We like each other but she is not looking for a relationship. Would be great if you had some good advice :) Otherwise it goes on guys
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    I would work on myself and heal my PIED before dating a woman. If this girl wants to have fun and basically have sex.. she have plenty of guys in Tinder to do that.. if you are not able to get it up she is going to leave you for another man that can. You can try to please her with your hands and mouth but if she wants the D she is not going to stay around too much.
    I never recommend the blue pill.. but it's your life.. make your own decition on that.
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  3. Hope we are able to defeat PIED
    .. i am 19 and even i have that. Fucks up life
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    Hey man, any updates? I would take the blue pill.

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