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    After stopping porn and masturbation you will experience the following benefits,

    1) Clarity of mind, no mental clutter
    2) Better stamina in sports
    3) Absence of depression, as in "there's actually nothing wrong with me"
    4) Better short term memory, grasp conversations, sharp and clear mind
    5) Feeling worthy of hottest girls
    6) Interacting with people goes from nuisance to fun activity
    7) Facial hair grows faster
    8) Music sounds better
    9) Being cool with awkward situations
    10) Past events are remembered better
    11) Movies watched in one sitting, rather than interrupting it with distractions
    12) Feeling of being really alive and feeling of having/being a powerful spirit
    13) Better looking skin
    14) Free, genuine belly laugh
    15) Appreciation and admiration of women's inner and outer beauty
    16) Less sleep is needed to feel rested
    17) Much less irritability
    18) Destructive erections
    19) Improved chest, neck and shoulders musculature (without exercise in a particular case)
    20) Vibrant and alive looking eyes
    21) Voice is now clear
    22) Reduced rage and anger
    23) Movies, novels and art are appreciated much more
    24) Better dream recollection
    25) More wisdom on various subjects, without actually studying them. As in mind gets better at making connections.
    26) Easier to get up in the morning
    27) Like Neo in the Matrix, getting heightened senses and intuition
    28) Enjoying company of kids and older folks
    29) No more craving for sugar and alcohol
    30) Urge to expand your mind
    31) No more angry outbursts around the family
    32) "Annoying" things females do are now appreciated
    33) A tangible magnetic connection with chicks
    34) Chores are now easier to perform
    35) Seeing "big picture" in life better
    36) Ability to look at women and feel her, sense if her energy is good or bad
    37) Ability to relate chicks like friends and seeing them flock to you
    38) Nothing stresses you out anymore
    39) Men respect you more
    40) Men flinch in your presence
  2. Number 18 is spot on. Just last night, my wife gasped at my destructive erection.
  3. melancholy king

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    Nofap isn't some kind of magical cure for all of life's troubles, it is but a (large) stepping stone towards achieving success.
  4. seth

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    This is fantastic. It's super important for people to do this for themselves and not read other peoples lists because by making the reasons personal, it's easier to sustain motivation. I just posted something today all about this here.
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  6. PornPrisonBreak2018

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    Thanks man for sharing this list. I have experienced some of them and waiting for the full benefits.
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    Hey @Bhuvan
    nice compilation. I can agree to many of them.

    On the other hand, I see many comments of the type here as well:
    You two are also correct:
    No one will experience these benefits all the time. Many people then also will be quite disappointed, when they don't get these benefits. And that may be dangerous to promoise too much.

    In general my take on this is:
    With nofap you'll have SO MUCH MORE ENERGY and if you use this energy in an productive and wise manner (like self improvement), you will get many of these benefits, that's for sure.

    Especially you don't have these "sinister black shadows" of PMO around you and you are just free. That gives me an enormous boost, when I think about it.

    Also another point (primarily from this book here https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...op-smoking-applying-the-method-to-pmo.155008/ ) is that if you use your energy and willpower just to fight this addiction "full frontal" by just abstaining (and feel this tug of war) then yes, it may drain this new energy so much, that you won't feel the benefits.
    That's why I totally recommend the method from this book.
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    Great compilation bro! Makes me even more motivated for the *30 day Hard Mode challenge*,Thanks!Wish me luck.
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    Thanks for this post this is very motivating for me for I have relapsed 2 times in the last week my longest streak was 9 days, i'm starting again today
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  10. MikeM444

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    I'd say that's fair answer. I don't consider it quite a "magic bullet", but it is a damn good aid if deep down you already have your heart set on succeeding in life.
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  11. No:2&3 are so true
  12. sakeen

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    Thank you, saved your post and will print it out as a reminder to keep going!
  13. Clarke

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    Sheer delusion. Notice how none of those things are measurable?
  14. Mattew

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    That is just a list written by excited kids in placebo effect after 2 weeks on nofap.
  15. Clarke

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    I want to do a study because I think a lot of these "super powers" come from people who were starting at level 0 of personal development
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  16. Mattew

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    That's for sure.
  17. M0stly_fuzz

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  18. LewisBrunner

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    I'd like to stress that all my changes are not just from giving up porn and masturbating. In the past 8 months I have quit facebook, quit tinder and all that shit, quit my gym (to train solo at home) ditched my psychologist and basically avoid social gatherings like the plague. My psychologist told me masturbating to porn was no problem! Also, i've purchased over $400 AUD worth of books on spirituality, corrected a mineral imbalance and thus raised testosterone and lowered estradiol, have been smashing out non-duality talks on YouTube, dialled in my plant based diet, started yoga, daily meditation and have been using entheogens (mushrooms and ayahuasca) rigorously for 7 months. After the https://dmt.vision/articles/105/ meditation and heavy entheogen use, I could fucking feel the light trying desperately to push through the thick fog but I just didn't know exactly what it was that was causing it. So far it hasn't been too challenging, just a couple of 3-4 am relentless erections that were somewhat bothersome.
  19. fredisthebes

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    oh, yes. But how are you going to develop yourself if there is something that you fundamentally hate about yourself, that you indulge in for hours every day?

    You don't just eradicate habits, you replace them with BETTER ones. So find some healthy positive thing to get 'addicted' to, and watch as your life gets better and better.
  20. fredisthebes

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    I know it's a few years old now, but that post (the linked one) is extraordinarily good!

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