Full recovery in 200 days!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mr. Casanøva, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Mr. Casanøva

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    Hi guys, I had successful sex with another woman yesterday. This time I wasn't holding O, and wanted to O as often as possible.
    We had sex two times during the night, and it felt awesome. Each time lasted at least 40 minutes of intercourse, I had total control. The refractory period lasted around 20 minutes only. Then we slept and today at the morning we had sex once again. I had 3 orgasms in total, and am already having random erections, hours later. Couldn't be happier with my sexuality. The heal is real!
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  2. Thanks for sharing your Hornventure.
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  3. Cyberpunk3000

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    May I ask since which age you were pmo'ing and when did you get pied? And start your recovery?
  4. What do you think were the keys to recovery with your sexual performance? I notice I just don't find real women as attractive anymore. I'm on antidepressants and in the process of getting off them and on a more holistic approach, but his all seems irreversable.
  5. Mr. Casanøva

    Mr. Casanøva Fapstronaut

    PMO since I was 13. I realized my sexual performance was getting weaker 2-3 years ago. I started my recovery last christmas, 8 months ago. After 200 days of focus and discipline I was 100% healed.

    Lots of willpower and information. I wasn't feeling attracted to real woman anymore and it was shocking for me, because usually I'm super horny, a charmer, a seducer. Then I lost interest on woman and started researching to understand what was happening. It couldn't be aging yet, I've thought. And it wasn't. Was PIED.
  6. Cyberpunk3000

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    It gives me hope. As I am one of the worst cases. Got pied,pe, loss of libido at 21. Didn't know the cause. Kept doing it for next 9 years as it kept getting worse and worse. And loss attraction to real girls. Jus like you I used to be super horny and good in flirting.
    And finally it dawned on me. That it was the porn along with mo.
    Been abstinent for a long time now. But no sign of recovery yet.
    Btw I too started at 13 and It escalated since 19.
  7. I've been at it for a while. 33 years old and started at 18. Started I think over use then and had ups and downs since. I think the meds made it worse and now im in a flatline.
  8. Passion5star

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    Brother - IT IS NOT irreversible! Your brain is throwing a tantrum because I wants what it’s used to that’s all it is. We humans have a remarkable brain ability which is NEURO-PLASTICITY. The ability to learn AND unlearn. The brain expanded when we started to mess ourselves up with excessive PMO, likewise it UN-EXPAND in that very same area the longer you continue. You mentioned anti-depressants which WILL NOT help with recovery. They mask the problem, continue with your holistic approach. Embarking on this journey is not a nice one for any us, but let’s us understand that it took ALOT of time and energy in terms of years and ‘effort’ to get into the trouble we did. I say WE because it’s US, I did too. P seriously damaged the our PHYSICAL brains and through our subconscious it CAN and WILL fix ITSELF. We just have to be vigilant with ourselves and refuse to give up! Think of they end-goal, what you are going to achieve - have a clear cut picture of what you want in your mind and focus every fibre of your being on that very thing. I did and now I’m benefitting from that vigilance this very second. How long has it been since you started your reboot?

    If it helps you can DM me and I can help you as much as I can my brother! But BELIEVE me YOU’VE GOT THIS!
  9. PaFappa the Rapper

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    Awesome story dude. Appreciate you being candid about your open marriage.
  10. Juarez

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    For last few years even I didn't feel anything after my break up and could only masturbate using porn as a mediator
    It's been my 70th day. Lot of thing changed I tried to have sex I got erection after a while I couldn't maintain . I get my morning erection as well as I get excited by touch these days. My p&@ns was shrunk but now it's recovering.
    Is this a postive changes?
    Did you face these problems before PMO?
  11. M Eezy

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    Awesome story thanks for posting
  12. I could probably muster 200, but I have to agree to myself to not be lazy first lol. How do you become capable? Well, by pushing yourself a little each day. It snowballs. I used to do 20 at a time, then pushed it to 30, 40, 50 at a time.

    Thanks OP (original poster). The reminder about good sleep and lots of exercise is helpful for me. I need to mow the grass now lol. Cheers.
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  13. BKSN

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    I have been on nofap for 5 days and was able to have 80% erection when I went to visit my girlfriend and she gave me head in the car.

    Until this time, I have been having zero libido and needed pills for that. The last 5 days, I was jogging and lifting heavy dumbbells. I see it as a remarkable achievement and a sign my body is now on the path to recovery or at least improvement. You are 35 and I’m 34 and so your story was what I have been searching for.

    I know that resting enough, not watching porn at all and exercising (running and weight lifting) can cure more than 80% of the over 30 years guys in this forum. All we have to do is not watch porn again, everything will be ok.
  14. GermanGladiator

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    200 days is really impressive. Keep on going with you new earned life. Love to see people succeed with their journey.
  15. SavemrmyGod

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    Hi M.r!
    I hope you are doing well,
    I have just one question, and I hope you will answer !

    What was your timing in masturbation ?
    On day 100 and before of that ?
  16. Hammer0007

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    Inspiring post, thanks for sharing your journey! Keep it up.
  17. Aléxandros

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    How to avoid wet dreams?
  18. Arnulf

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    20 minute refractory period sounds like a dream to me now. Mine seem to last days. Did you have a problem with long refractory periods too?
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  19. Mr doctor

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