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    I started yesterday so this is my second day..feel like giving up already...and even feel like finding a way to contact a random escort or some crazy idea like that..all it is,is fustration I guess.
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    Most people believe that being frustrated is a bad thing. That pain, problems, negative experiences, and generally feeling bad is to be avoided at all costs. Rather than staying with these problems long enough in order to go through them, solve them, and become a better person for it... they seek instant gratification escapism. The moment they don't feel good, they seek anything that will give them a sense of comfort and certainty (porn / junk food / tv / drugs / alcohol / etc).

    Something that makes you feel good in the short term doesn't always mean it's good for you in the long term. Something that makes you feel bad in the short term doesn't always mean it's bad for you in the long term. Most people don't place enough importance and value on long term outcomes. They end up making habits to value short term outcomes. They become very good at escaping and making themselves feel good. So reality and all of its problems become harder to deal with over time while they become weaker to face them over time.

    What's comfortable now (escorts) will become uncomfortable later on (wasted resources / lack of relationships / undeveloped self and life / continuing to reinforce the need to escape and feel good all the time).

    What's uncomfortable now (frustrated that you can't escape the problems that you know you should be facing to become the person you want to be and to have the life that you want) becomes comfortable later on (you would have figured out ways to live a better life).

    So it's up to you.

    You can choose to feel good now at the cost of your long term outcomes or you can develop emotional intelligence that frees you from being a slave to anything that offers you escape.

    What does a life of always feeling good and comfortable even look like? Junk food / porn / tv / alcohol / drugs... and eventually the ultimate form of escape / peace / comfort / idleness / being content... is death. That's how most people live their lives... like they're dead or seeking death.
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    This post contains lots of wisdom..thank you buddy.

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