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    Hi people,

    First of all I just want to express my feelings I'm very happy that I found this community.

    I'm 30 years old, and I want to share with you my views and experience which I had before. I must admit the fact that I knew that person can get better life by quitting porn or any other bad habits, even before this community has founded. My intention is not to praise myself, but that is true I swear to God. You'll see my point from my experience if you believe in it.

    I started to watch porn when I was 13 maybe, I couldn't remember, and day after day I was engaged to this addiction and I knew it was bad thing. I also knew that this thing is cause of my depressed life, but I didn't understand how to get rid of it. That realization came to my mind when I was 18 years old. Until that I was constantly watched porn. But one day, when I was 18 years old I've got some spiritual books and I started to read about it and of course I also started to practise that. It was book about meditation (I'll skip the name for now). Then suddenly I felt it. I didn't count but I think I was free from porn about 3 to 4 months. But people not a single urge. I was completely free from that horrible habit. I remember I was sitting in front of my PC and I WAS AWARE of my thoughts about porn and, how strong I was, I was able to win always in that battle, because that was not even a battle because the urge didn't have any chance against my awareness. That was just one single drop of what I had felt at those days. I developed my creativity, discipline, memory. I remember I was reading the book and finish some page and close the book. I realized that I remembered every single word from that page LITERALLY!!! I was very very confident at what I was doing at that time. I was able to learn literally anything which came to me. I started to remember things even without any effort. And the most important thing of all I WAS HAPPY WITHOUT A SINGLE REASON!! That was like enlightenment. I can't describe it, but imagine that you are free from anything. You wake up in the morning without single thought about anything. You can do and learn whatever you want. That was my state at that time. I was like Bradley Cooper from Limitless movie, but seriously. I know most of you won't believe in this short story, but it is very true.

    But anyway, believe it or not, I'm happy right now that I found this community, because after I relapsed after those 4 months, I lost everything that I had. For 12 years I'm wandering in the dark of porn addiction, until this summer I found on the internet nofap community. I must admit that I didn't hear or know about this community. I started to investigate something and started to practise some methods from here and guess what, I'm realizing that this is 100% true. I started to abstaining from porn and after 2 weeks I saw a results, but far long from what I've just described. But I believe if I continue to pushing myself forward I will again feel like before. I'm 100% convinced that this community isn't "trash talking". This is real thing. This will help all of the people around the globe who are addicted to porn. I know because I felt that before.

    The reason why I'm wandering 12 years in the dark is because I didn't know or I didn't had an information or I was unaware of how I did it. I was completely free from porn, but one day I relapsed and I wasn't aware that it will break me down. I stared my studies and I didn't have time for meditation and I left that too and after that I was unable to recover again. For 12 years I was searching to whom I will tell my story and I found this community. So here I'm. I'm telling you real story about my experience. I'm very very happy that I found this community.

    So that was my super powers which I had. I desperately want it again!!!

    Best regards.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Keep coming back!
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    I know about those "super powers", 5 years ago I exprienced them, but somehow I forgot how good I felt and I got back to pornography and masturbation.Yes, that's the best example, that Limitless movie, that's how I felt too, but without the need to take a special pill.I could learn and study for around 9 hours with no problems, in fact, I was like a learning machine, desperate to learn more and more.Imagine, no anxiety, nothing, just pure bliss.I was happy all day long, I needed no reason to be happy, I just was.Yes, I practice meditation before sleep, it helps me a lot.I am aiming for the same thing, to get back to the old me, full of life, energy and motivation.

    We will get there! It's very important to not forget that pornography and masturbation is the only reason we feel miserable, it's not the solution, not at all.Don't give up, no matter what, don't give up!
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