Genital feels numb and always retracted back no urge for sexual activity

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by HelpED, Mar 24, 2020.

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    I am new to this forum and after countless google searches brought me here. No matter what I do my dick is always retracted back like an accordion. like the foreskin is always retracted and feels like it is being sucked into the pubic area. Because of this I don't feel any urges for sexual activity I have not watched porn in soo long since i got married a year ago

    But because of this it is hurting our marriage. I am a healthy 30 year old male. Did blood work and my testosterone and cholesterol and all the other stuff was fine and multiple doctors tell me it is psychological or in my head or just prescribe me like viagara medication.

    I know there is a physical problem and not a psychological one i am usually a pretty happy and content person other then this. It recently started happening after marriage. and since then i dont know what happened it just keeps going down hill

    I feel no blood flow down there and sometimes my balls like start rising and puffing up as if i am in a cold freezer or something. To make my penis more flaccid i have like stretch the foreskin out but then it just starts retracting itself again looking like an acorn.

    The only time i can get an erection is when i concentrate really hard and jerk myself for a while and when i do i cant maintain it. I lose it really quickly

    was wondering if anyone has any suggestions please help
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    It sounds like ED and your saying it’s def not. Idk what is going on man. I’m sorry to hear that, hopefully someone else can offer a solution.
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    I hope so man. I hardly ever get morning wood either. When i do get it, it is not as strong anymore.
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    it's very depressing, my penis is always very retracted, shrunk, and testicles are always very retracted too, high, and scrotum very tight... ... I feel like if my penis and testicles are always in post ejaculation posture, as if they are always "tired" and "recovering", if it means something...

    Sometimes after a very hot shower, my penis and testicles are less retracted, and more "loosy", but all day long, they are retracted and numb.
  5. Hey buddy. I understand your situation as I have been through this. For me it was like I forgot what erections were. Wanted to have sex really bad but my dick used to fail me. Also, I felt no sexual urges and the libido was totally absent. However, I did recover and I hope my story might help you too.

    1. Aerobic Exercise. Running, not on a treadmill but the natural. To pump blood all throughout the body. Duration: 15-20 mins daily.

    2. Healthy food. Eggs, fruits, milk, nuts and an Indian supplement Shilajit. Controlled sugar intake. Coffee twice a day.

    3. Watched a lot of porn. Seriously. For the first few day nothing used to happen and I felt frustrated. But slowly things improved and I guess my brain got tired watching and now wanted some real action lol. That got my libido back. But with porn, I focused on one single pornstar (choose maybe somebody that resembles your partner) to avoid that dopamine issue. It was more to do with developing an urge and realize how beautiful sex is.

    4. Lots of sleep. And avoiding any mental worries. I completely forgot I have this and even if a thought crossed my mind I just paused and felt me breathing. Didn't give a shit to my brain trying to fuck me up telling you got ED. In fact I just stopped giving attention to any bullshit thought that my brain served me. It was like 'fuck everything'. Live life in the present moment.

    5. Shifted from penetrative sex to other stuff for a while. Helped alleviate the load to perform (performance anxiety) and for a while started focusing on my own pleasure and feelings. Have good communication with your partner for this step. Slowly developed the need to go further and things naturally unfolded. Also, took pills for a while to avoid the frustration. Felt the pill working and used to imagine my tough dick. That helped me shift my point of view from a flaccid dick to a hard one.

    That was my story. I wish you the very best. Have faith. You will be out of this. Let me tell you all the while I felt hopeless when doing the above stuff but somehow I got cured. Listen to your soul and follow what it says. You'll be fine.
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    Thanks for your reply man. I have been improving my diet and what not.

    I have been doing some research online and i think my problem is some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction because i have all the symptoms such as lower back pain. constipation, ED, constant need to urinate etc.

    what really got me wondering is that i noticed i get an erection a lot easier standing up then laying down.

    Anyone have this problem ? i searched online and what i found was venous leak. apparently it causes erectile dysfunction in certain positions because in those certain positions your veins leak out some blood that is needed to keep the erection. however people reported having the erectile dysfunction standing up not laying down where as i am the opposite.

    Anyone have this problem?
  7. How long have you been doing NoFap? A long (90 days or more) streak on hardmode might really help you to figure out how much of this is mental, how much is physical and how much is the aftermath of excessive masturbation.

    I get really retracted too sometimes. Often I don't think about it but the worst is
    when I'm sitting on the toilet and I end up either peeing on my ballsack or, worse, peeing over the rim and onto my pants and underwear. Always a reminder to use my hand to "tuck" when I pee :rolleyes:

    Hopefully some of that helps. It's good to see the other responses. You are not alone!
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    i have not jerked off in a very long time probably months or even a year
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    Hi All,

    I have just noticed that my ED is slowly being cured. I don't know the exact cause but i can tell you the lifestyle changes i have made. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING

    before the COVID-19 pandemic :

    i would go to the gym and workout very hard and excessively then i would hop into the sauna right after. I did this for about 3 days a week but i would not add much cardio

    I also had anal fissures/chronic constipation. basically what this is, is when your shit is really hard and you push it out it tears the skin on your anus muscles and then causes pain and makes your PELVIC FLOOR muscles very tight. THIS COULD BE THE PROBLEM FRENCHBOY IF YOU'RE SAYING YOUR GENITALS ARE ALWAYS TIGHT. you need to relax your pelvic floor muscles once they are relaxed then do KEGELS the proper way. Use the link below to learn how to do kegels the right way

    use this link to learn how to relax your pelvic floor muscles

    I would also walk around the house in my underwear which made me very cold down there without realizing it and also i never moisturized my penis before either.


    stopped working out because gyms were closed, i also was not able to go to SAUNA, I BELIEVE SAUNA WAS ONE OF THE MAIN CAUSES.
    Instead i went for a run outside. I also started taking fishoils which helps improve blood flow

    i also started taking sitz baths to help relax my anus muscles from being tight and avoid have more anal fissures.

    I also started wearing warm clothes around the house and moisturized my penis with COCONUT OIL

    Then i started getting intimate with my wife slowly with no pressure. she told me it's okay if she does not get pleased wanted me to relax and not be under pressure to help with my ED.

    and after constant practice with the KEGELS and pelvic floor exercises i have been slowly getting a lot better. erections are coming up easily and my libido has started going up and my wife is now very happy :)
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    Bro hello, I read your story and I'm glad that you are cured well I'm facing the same issue please help me out. I want to cure it permanently

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