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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by XD005, Oct 10, 2015.

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    Hello guys. I'm new here. I have been lurking around this site for a while. I've decided I should seek advice here.

    I've had a progressively bad PMO addiction since 12. I started doing it since I didn't exactly get dates in high school and all of school to be frank. I found other ways for release. Fast forward a couple years, it's still like that. I had a girlfriend 3 years ago. It was then I realized that my PMO addiction is getting out of hand. After messing around with my gf for a whole hour, I found out I have deathgrip. We broke up but not because of that.

    Cutting to the chase, my porn habbits have gotten more and more disgusting. Im finding gross ways to get off, and looking at some of thr grossest stuff I've ever seen. And its just time to kick this habbit.

    I tried a 30 day hardmode challenge and failed 14 days in. I don't think that hardmode is for me but I wanna attempt another normal level restart.

    The problem is I need to get myself a girlfriend or something some way through and thats where I need help.
    I know what to say but the possibility of getting rejected is getting to me. Sad to say, cause of my past, im kind of used to it. So it's hard to change. Any advice?
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    First of all you don't "need" a girlfriend.

    I understand you want one badly so before I advise you on a youtube channel that is most appropriate to you as an individual lemme just say finding a relationship for the sole sake of sexual "needs" is not the way to escape this challenge man.

    :D Here you go bro this dude's knowledge is formidable even if you don't like his personality lmao, ;) The motivational video is from

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    Work on yourself. I PMO a lot.
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