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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by PMOare4SoyBoys, Sep 13, 2021.

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    I've been meditating for a while now but haven't been that consistent at it, I would do it on average 2 - 3 session per week for about 20mins each.

    This is a post asking if anyone have tried to take their practice to the next level; how long have you been meditating for and what are the benefits you've been able to see doing it for a long period of time (as opposed to a few times a week)?

    Since I'm in lockdown this is a good opportunity to really focus on my meditation practice, I'm thinking of doing it for at least 3 hours on a daily minimum.

    Also any tips and tricks you've learnt along the way would be great too.
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    I meditate at 6am every morning. To make that happen before going to bed I repeat this mantra “I have to wake up at 6am and meditate no matter what!” at least 100 timed and set up alarm for 6 am. So far this method works.

    As for meditating 3 hours a day , to be honest I have never mediated for more than 40 mins a day and I have found it more than sufficient. So I have no idea how to achieve that.

    I do mindfulness meditation. And I start my meditation session with few words of gratitude to my family and friends or anybody I can think of. Then I set up an aim for my meditation which is the same everyday “ Acknowledge any thoughts about the past and move on(focus on your breathing), Acknowledge any thoughts about the future and move on (focus on your breathing), be in the present and follow the breath.”. I set an aim so that I don’t forget what I have to do and not get lost. And After that I start.

    Hope my perspective is helpful to you in any way.
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    Thanks for your insight. I usually don't do mantras when I meditate but it could be something I can implement into my practice.
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    I meditate 10 minutes when I wake up and 5 minutes before I go to bed.

    I was struggling all of 2021 with being consistent with the 10 min meditation but now I've been consistently doing it everyday for more than a month.

    As for the 5 minute meditation, I started that on day 24 as a way to overcome wet dreams, I'm on day 45 now so it's been 21 days.
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    Nice man hopefully it's been working for you
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    I've been meditating for nearly a month now (not everyday though) following the The Mind Illuminated's method. I really recommend that book for beginner and intermediate meditators as it is very clear and give essential practices for mastering meditation. The book is large though. Regarding to benefits, I would say the main one is that I've become sort of an objective viewer in all events of my life and don't take things so personally. A lot less stress and anxiety. That's all
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    Thanks I'll take a look at the book you mentioned.
  8. That is a big jump!!!!!
    I only do 15-30 minutes a day on weekdays sometimes on the weekends too.
    I wish you luck, I suggest easing into the transition maybe starting at a half hour for a few days than 45 minutes or an hour and build up to three hours over the course of a month. The reason I suggest a transition period is because after a certain point meditation quality has a tendency to go downhill until you're doing nothing more than daydreaming, you can help counter this tendency by doing challenging poses that compel focus like half lotus or full lotus for seated meditation. Standing meditation however should have an easier transition without the danger of devolving into daydreaming, it's a standard practice in qigong and various eastern martial arts. If you're interested in standing meditation you can try this link.
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    Meditating for 3 hours is not going to benefit you(its way too long) . Also being consistent with practice is the key something like 20 - 30 mins in a proper way is more than sufficient.

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