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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Zbaca7, Aug 12, 2016.

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    I don't know what to do anymore... I used to be so passionate about quitting and had some pretty good streaks for my situation. I have no drive or will anymore. Is it even worth quitting? I need some help. Something to get my motivation wheels moving again. Something that will get me through this stage. Something that will get stuck in my brain and change me. Have any of y'all ever experienced something like this on your journey? Any help or tips would be appreciated?
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    What your feeling is a completely normal part of the rebooting process and many people, including myself, went through, or are currently going through the exact same thing.

    Your brain doesn't want to quit, it thinks your having sex with tons of beautiful girls and procreating, why would you stop doing that? It's what your meant to do!

    What you have to remember here, is that it's not real. And it's having more of an impact on you than you could possibly imagine. I decided to start nofap because I had pied, and I thought If I quit i might cure my ed, I had no idea how many benefits there would be.

    Since starting nofap my life has completely changed. I wake up easily in the mornings and feel excited about the day ahead. I love talking to people, I can concentrate on any given task and I feel a great sense of accomplishment with everything I do, Iv started lifting weights and stacked on a load of muscle, i can talk to girls confidently and enjoy their company and appreciate them without constantly thinking "sex sex sex". I smile a lot more, and my friends and colleagues have commented on how happy I seem. Life is basically just fucking amazing.

    Porn ruined me, it made me an anxious, depressed, sex obsessed impotent recluse. And I didn't realise how much it had changed me until I quit.

    If you need a reason to quit, here it is. your cheating yourself out of what you could be. And that's inexcusable. You owe it to yourself to make the most out of your life, you owe it to yourself to be happy. If you can just push and struggle through this short period of a few months of no pmo, you can turn your life around like so many others on this site advice to you would be to get an experienced accountability partner, one of the 200 day+ guys. You can learn so much from them and draw from their experiences and the lessons they've learned.

    I hope you pull through bro, I'd love to have a read of your post in the "success stories" section a few months from now

    Good luck
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    Motivation is temporary. Your addiction is stronger than your reason to change, that's why you're struggling so much. The best advice is to at least do a 90 day reboot. How do you do it without motivation? You do whatever it takes to get from point A to point B. That means, if it means selling your computer because your addiction is impossible to cure, then removing the source will eliminate one key element of your struggle. Sounds too drastic? Move your computer/sources to a more open/public location - living room. Set up P-site blockers and reduce your usage on the computer. Go outside more, staying inside keeps you in the same room as your enemy. Then after your reboot, look back and see if it was worth it or not to continue.
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    Honestly bro this really spoke to me... Like why would I not want to be the best version of myself?!? It's common sense haha. But thanks a lot !
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    @Zbaca7 It is hard from time to time and some of us will have to wait a much longer periods of time for our lives to improve and to finally see the benefits of quitting porn. I am on a day 34 and I am not experiencing any of the wonderful benefits, but you know what? I am not worried and I am not losing hope.
    Just check out the success section on the forum and you will find plenty of reasons to keep going.
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    For me it's realizing that after watching porn, i was of the belief that i will enjoy those acts that they do in porn. but that didnt happen. realizing that my mind is working against me has been helpful. porn is the bad friend who'll take ur money n run away. porn is like the friend who doesnt want u to quit smoking or quit gambling.

    how to fight porn...wish i knew it. but this place is helpful. coming to this forum helps.

    also find other sources of dopamine. food, music. i am not social so youtube songs are easier to access than make new friends.
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    PMO waste too many times !
  9. NooseAnchor

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    Woah...that one just made me tear up a little...absolutely powerful. Thank you! With PMO we're wasting our very life energy and essence.

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