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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Innervision, Oct 19, 2019.

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    I collect things, (I'm being generic) because I'm fairly well known in some hobby circles but I treat myself all the time to buying collectables.

    It's an obsession of mine and I have thousands of dollars worth of stuff I collect. I take myself out all the time just not to bars or clubs

    And yes people in the circles I run in are jealous of my collection.
    I'm very proud of it

    Going out even if it's alone is very important
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  2. diaspar

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    I've done that a lot. Less often nowadays, but yeah it's great. And girls don't always go in packs, as that dude said.

    I say go out, have fun, talk to girls, talk to guys, don't get too drunk, don't be obsessed with getting a girl, be safe and have a good time.
  3. Minsc

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    The first reply sums things up nicely. Find the right balance of going alone and with others. If a person has no friends then going out to places alone is the first step in meeting new people. Sociability is learned.

    Sounds great. It can be difficult when one feels like a creep though. Depending on ones maturity level, it may be better off to find an in person support group for people dealing with things like porn addiction. Dealing with the elephant standing behind us can be a big help in confidence.
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    So many many years since I’ve been alone, but the strategy to attract someone is and was simple. Women are hopelessly attracted to men who can project two things simultaneously and in tandem- the look of someone who is alone and confidently used to it and at the same time the look of someone who needs to be saved from loneliness. Initial detachment followed by fleeting eye contact. Looked like you were indifferent but in fact you were shy and your attraction to and interest in her overcame your phony pose of indifference, but you just have trouble exposing your feelings, etc. etc. Repeat. Unless the woman you are seeking to attract is caught up in the crowd she is with, is serious with someone else, or is a lesbian (last possibly not a deal breaker) it works more often than not, and if it isn’t working, move on until it does. I hope this doesn’t sound cynical, I love and respect women (much more than I respect men) but women have an innate need to save men, and if you want to be saved (for the night or for the rest of your life) let them know.
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    I'm confident about going out on my own, but things like having to go to a wedding almost give me a nervous breakdown lol. Funny how the mind works.
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    Just look if other people walk alone to such places so u dont seem stupid going there alone. Observe what they do and do the same, remember they also look for a company as you.
  7. w95chris

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    I would not call it weird or awkward (maybe the first time). You just have to go for it. If you want to go to a bar to have a drink and dance a bit for example then go for it. It's not something to worry about you know
    The first time will be super weird and awkward but after than you'll get the hang of it. Plus there are many clubs and bars so if you feel like you don't "fit" in one for whatever reason you move on to the next and that's it. No big deal. If you feel like it then do it don't be afraid of what people are going to think or if it will be awkward for you

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