Going towards the older guys, except 30 isn't that old, right?

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  1. So I always got crushes on older guys, especially if they are in an authoritarian role. Now that I'm 24, 30 doesn't seem so bad, huh? Anyway, after mind games with the ex (who was my age) I'm interested in seeing what happens with a former college TA of mine. We'll probably both be visiting the same day of writers week at my school so I was thinking asking him for drinks after...if he hasn't brought his gf with him. Yea don't worry I won't take advantage of him. Just want to see if there is chemistry now that I'm older ;)
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  2. The Wrestler

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    If he's got a gf, hitting on him is generally seen as a dick move.
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    All go
    Lol many of my friends like 45-47yo make relationship with younger girl 22-25 even married also.they seems finee.. some man is like a wine more old more goodtaste
  4. I agree with The Wrestler, it's kind of a dick move to hit on that guy. Besides if you somehow marry him he will probably die first since he's pretty old ;)

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