Guys that are against online dating, where do you go to meet women?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Kman20, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. after i said i was 27, this boy told me he did not think i was old :emoji_joy: we were both feeling very awkward after
    sometimes people think i am younger than my age. 17 is underage, 10 years younger, i wanted to say to him "I am not a pedophile"o_O:emoji_disappointed_relieved: :emoji_no_good:funny story to tell though
  2. Kman20

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    That kid is awesome. Were you weirded out when he initially approached you ? Flattered ? Annoyed ?
  3. Kman20

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    Thanks for addressing this. I definitely want to get rid of the nervousness.
  4. i was flattered (it is still a compliment to me) but weirded out due to his age, if he was my age i would have probably given him a chance
    Go for it :) fear doesn't look so scary after you overcome it :)
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  5. Kman20

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    thank you Lion ! Also I feel a lot of guys here can agree that guys don’t approach as much anymore. It’s become more of a challenge now rather than the norm. It’s much easier to swipe left on a girl on a dating app than talk to one in person.

    If you don’t mind answering this do you think most guys don’t approach girls in real life anymore ? What do you think the general attitude girls have of guys that do this is ? Like what would you and your group of girl friends think?
  6. Kman20

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    I was just tutoring this GORGUES girl and I felt my confidence weaken and felt anxiety again. As opposed to when I’m just tutoring guys or unattractive girls. I wasn’t going to ask her for her number during tutoring because I’m working but she went to go sit alone in the library after and felt I would have been super creepy if I went up to her after and asked for her number. What do you guys think ? I always feel like I missed out on a opportunity.
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    If you two had been classmates in the same tutoring session, I'd say go for it anyway, because what's the worst that happens? She rejects you, and maybe you change tutoring times to not have her as an awkward classmate. Whatever.

    Buuuuut since you're in a position of authority over her...well, I guess the question is how much authority. If this is a paid tutoring position, it's all but certainly a no-go to hit on your student from a position of power over her. It doesn't sound like you're trying to leverage that at all, but it's still super unprofessional. You're getting paid to teach her, not to make a pass. Then again, if you're not getting paid, and this is more informal, it's totally up to you. I hope that makes sense, my words aren't quite fitting together like they usually do...
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    Yeah I knew it would be unprofessional to ask her while tutoring her. That’s why I thought I’d ask her after I was off the clock. But I don’t know.
  9. I had the same thing happen a couple of years ago and it sucks, but @Dr. Mario said it well. One option you have is to wait until the term ends to ask her out. That way, you'll no longer have any authority over her and if she says no, chances are good that you'll just never see her again.
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  10. some guys still do (for example I got approached on a bus this Valentine's day lol, while waiting at the dentist's office, while walking to my gym) and if it's done with respect is always nice. people got lazy, our parents, grandparents people centuries even 20 years ago didn't have the choice to be lazy choising a partner on screen but they still managed to successfully found one in real life

    now with all this technology, apps, they want us lazy. also people might be shy and a direct interaction in this way is avoided. life has to be lived instead of staring at our screens. i talk also to myself. i wanted to start a conversation with a guy met at a gym I went but did not coz i was afraid, but i def want to do it and jump, it can be scary but once you do it you feel great just coz you found the courage to do it :)
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    When i go out and girls look at my car its normal some of them say hi.
  12. Kman20

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    Yeah definitely true, I think for guys nowadays it’s more fear than laziness though. Which is making us weaker. I want to be able to approach girls in real life all the time. I definitely agree that you’ll feel better after doing it whether it was a success or not.

    I appreciate the frnale perspective. I hope you talk to that guy at the gym !
  13. Thanks, maybe though i think my type would be more likely at a bookstore. should go to one of the bookstores i love to go to or library and sit there, study and make a nice meeting with a guy like me among books i adore. i really want someone long-term, similar to me and smart rather than good looking but with not a lot of brain or love for books like me

    lazyness is bad, people drown in what is comfortable, easy, when there are apps for almost everything now. the really good things never come easy. the effort you make, make the victories so much more worth them in my opinion, like my reboot for example it wasn't easy but now looking back it was worth it coz now i am sober, when until 2016 i didn't think it was possible for me to even stop for good with watching p, truly a God's gift :)
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    Yeah I think my type would be more in a bookstore as well. Or at a video game or anime related place. These are places I need to check out more.

    I definitely agree, the best things in life require the most effort. It would be nice to get an update on your progress with facing your fears as I am doing the same now.
  15. I dated few guys into gym and I wasn't very compatible with them in the end. I want someone who loves to going to museums and not just pretending to like it

    this is my journal :)
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    Do you drive a Lambo ?
  17. lirider

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    They definitely use that word to pedestal themselves. I've never been called on to my face but I'm not a creep, I'm a GOOD son.
  18. the awakening

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    Ra's Al Ghul, we should all listen to your teaching and support
    the league of shadows
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    Step #1: Is the poster who claims to know what women want, in fact, a woman?
    Step #2: Keep scrolling.
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  20. Freedom_from_PMO

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    Modern dating apps reduces you and other people to looks, but if you meet people in real life this is just one of the aspects of attraction. Cultural and hobby events, interest clubs, network of your friends it all might help.
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