Guys, what are your triggers, help me understand this...

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Jbird22, May 15, 2015.

  1. Jbird22

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    What kinds of things are triggers for most guys and how can I help eliminate them…is it as bad as watching a movie with a pretty girl, game of thrones?? Facebook…linkedin…girls walking down the street, at the gym? He does cross fit too so are all these things triggers?

    Thanks- living in a whole new reality that I never thought twice about before…sucks.

  2. Jiten

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    Could be anything. From youtube thumbnails. Usual clickbaits.
  3. Kways

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    my triggers that affected me every day right when i woke up, and rght before i closed my eyes to sleep, was instagram. I used to follow a bunch of women on instagram i didnt even know, soley fr the purpose they were hot. They would post pictures of themselves in lingerer, bathing suits, sometimes even nude facing away from the camera or under covers. Id get that feeling and boom, next thing you know im fapping to my favorite porn website. rubbing it in and passing out / getting out of bed. The first and last thing i did, everyday, for over 14 years.
  4. The Shadow Boxer

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    Most of my triggers come when I am in a stressed state. I give away when I suffer from anxiety and therefore that is my trigger as I am more prone to temptation since that's where my mind thinks it can get away with a little extra dopamine. If I were to make a suggestion, make sure you get plenty of movement during the day so that you an produce a more natural dopamine source.
  5. The Shadow Boxer

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    Man, I hate those things!!
  6. Triggers are different for different people. Some people are less sensitive to things, some people have a fetish. To keep it simple though, if anything sexually arouses you, avoid it.

    Go outside, work out, read, talk with friends and family, cold showers... find the solution that works best for you and work from there, good luck!
  7. Jbird22

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    Just to clarify- I'm asking because my husband won't get help for his addiction and I'm wondering if I'm helping feed it with triggers in all these ways and also I'd just like to know how deep this goes for people-as I'm just learning about P addiction so triggers are a whole other concept I've never considered or realized where even issues...
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  9. Just answering question from my experience only; See a lot of women daily in my work. Tight fitting clothes and body confidence. Thoughts stay in my mind and its hard to shake them off when i get home.
    Unfortunately, completing the process (physically) does put an abrupt stop to the cravings aroused by those thoughts.

    Trying to help here, apologies if this is going on too long. Grr, it's so hard to write this.. Initially, P was substitute for being rubbish with girls. PMO = acceptance of failure. Reapeated over time = mental connection of women with O.

    Conclusion: Vulnerability kept to oneself can = P addiction. If that happens, ANYTHING will be a trigger. Acting out becomes habitual.

    God that was depressing. Hope it was relevant.
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  10. tomtom

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    Being alone watching TV and seeing women in bikinis (especially the top) was a big trigger for me. Also being turned down when I was hoping to have sex with my wife was one and frustration in general.

    Having trouble falling asleep was easily cured by PMO but that also often meant that it was like 2-3 am when I was done.
  11. Mr. Sir

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    Stuff like soft-core images have never been triggers for me. If I saw real hard core porn that would be a trigger.

    I've realized that my two biggest triggers are boredom and stress related anxiety. So if I'm playing a video game, watching netflix, or trying to render a model in Blender 3D, and I start loosing focus and get bored, I want to fap. The same goes for homework. I'd think to myself, "I need to study for my philosophy final" and the anxiety of my bad relationship with homework and the overarching idea that I inevitably won't study and just barely pass the class would set in and I'd have the urge to fap. Also, rejection - not just with women but if I call a friend and they claim they're always busy... stuff like that.
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  12. Not sure that I understand what you are saying here.

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