Happy Thanksgiving! Post your gratitudes here!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all (tomorrow my time).

    Please post your gratitudes! Be grateful! Please respect everyone!

    I’ll start:

    I’m grateful for the NoFap Community, full of supportive people, my friends, my family, my faith and that I have a nice residence, food and things that I need to enjoy my life.
  2. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    Agreed, @seaguy44 ..further, I am thankful for my recovery! It's been a few years and it keeps getting better. NoFap has been a part of that. It helped accelerate me getting from 365 into the years+ category because of support of so many people. Nobody mocked me for wanting to be off of here because it wasn't really a problem anymore, or that it was silly I want to not use psubs. I am thankful for honor regained. I am thankful for friends here that needs spirits lifted.

    I am thankful for warmth in the winter. For all the trappings of family and love within the walls of my home. I am thankful for responsibilities. I am thankful for my religion and my faith and answered prayers :)

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I'm thankful to live another day.
  4. benjaMAN

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    Thankful for supportive friends. Also grateful for LOVE, GOD, Family, freedom, and music with awesome BASS.
  5. SolitaryScribe

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  6. I am grateful that I am here for 3 weeks, that has already changed my life the good.
    Thankful for wonderful people I met here, thankful that I found the courage to quit my job, have some time to spend on my recovery, thankful for every day basics like nice food and drinks, a warm nice house with some pets, thankful for the peace I experience and thankful for the love of God.
  7. I am grateful for this community with so many kind and helpful people, never judging but always empowering fellow Fapstronauts :)
    It is something to be proud of to be a member here ! Thank you all so much for working together on our goals ! :)
  8. Little Bo Peep

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    My Journal
    I'm grateful for the support and compassion this community has, in trying to help everyone overcome their addiction and problems. Without all the help I wouldn't of made it to where I am now, and so I try to give back my own advice whenever I can.

    And what I'm truly most grateful for out of everything in my life, is my ever caring and supportive fiancé. He has helped me through such tough times and has never judged what I do, and gives me nothing but unconditional love, respect and support. Without him I don't know where I would be in life.
  9. RainbowShell

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    Happy thanksgiving from Sweden, we don't celebrate it but I got a lot to be grateful for. Not to long ago I didn't want to live, nofap and its community has helped get so far, If I did not start nofap im unsure if I would have been around, so Im grateful. I got tons more things to be grateful for but I think this stands out cause it has made a huge change to my life and the people around me.
  10. I'm so grateful for my family, my friends, food, home, the nature around me, music & this wonderful community for uplifting so many of us !! I'm also grateful to be alive!!
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  11. rostronaut

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    My Journal
    I am grateful to Nofap community for opening my eyes from an evil thing which had set me back for years, it taught me nothing is easy in life, to break an addiction and get back to normal life.
    Also made me understand the very important essence that is ,you can't break an addiction being alone, support is always needed and that support which we get here in the community is overwhelming.
  12. Amen!!

    And thanks for your support to me buddy!!
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  13. Little Bo Peep

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    My Journal
    Whether it be from your wife, girlfriend or even a community like this, I believe that support is essential in overcoming addiction. I don't know where I would of been without this place and my fiancé.

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