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  1. Hey everyone. The main problem I am having lately is getting more hard on's/boners then usual.. I haven't in the past year, but some how its happening more lately witch is causing me to M. It's even happening at work when I talk to this woman I have feelings for and just what I read from her. I did do a penis exercise the other day, but I'm not sure that would keep the blood flowing like this?
    On the other hand I am doing my best to transmute these feelings into creativity and focus on other things. I'm wondering if anybody has any tips for controlling boners and blood rushing to the penis? I'm 27 years old and just curious, because it hasn't happened like this for almost a year.

    Anyone who reads this thread thank you.
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    Just let them happen and let them pass on their own! it’s a good sign that you’re getting more spontaneous erections, I used to have porn induced erectile dysfunction and my penis was pretty much lifeless and dead.

    But through my reboot and not touching down there it has come alive again, every morning when I take a shower just by touching it and washing it I get rock solid erections.

    It’s important not to jack off everytime you get one because then it’s jist going to lead to not being able to get it up when you’re actually with a woman.
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