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    Well, I'm from Costa Rica and I'm 28 years old. Mi history: I guess is similar to other people of this site, however I'll tell a compilation from it. I arrive to this site thanks to an article on BBC Mundo about abstaining and news from NoFap.
    I started with PMO when I was 11 years old and until now I stand on this practice, many times and many ideas come to me like a road to change, although anything has work on a good way.
    When I was younger went to a phsychologist and pshyquiatrist instead of nothing of that help me with doubts and problems associated with PMO. It was impossible separate from my reality my faith and religion and I have a several charge on my mind that I was being disloyal with it. However, something convinced me that with the time I was going to find an exit, nevertheless it doesn't happen now.
    Basicly that is my history, I hope that you can understand my ideas, and maybe there's something that speak spanish, is easier for me that speak and write on English.
    Like a fact, in all this time, I never have kissed a woman and until now I never have had a girlfriend.
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    Hello @Journalf and welcome to this community. Let me tell you that you have arrived to the right place.

    I would like to hear more about you. Mainly about what are your motivations and what are your primary goals.

    Also, I recommend your to read the Rebooting section https://www.nofap.com/rebooting/

    También, hay un foro en español en donde encontrarás un buen grupo de personas que comparten nuestro problema: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/nofap-en-español.50547/page-116#post-1420908

  3. Welcome. Glad you are here.

    Take some time to read the reboot material (available here => http://www.nofap.com/getting-started) and come up with a plan for what you will do when you are faced with urges. It has good advice, so don't skip it! :)

    Perhaps start writing a journal - if you feel comfortable telling people about happened and what's going on now, you will start to feel accountable to them. You may even inspire others. It's a nice feeling! This will help your recovery.

    Also, try to add something into your life that makes you the kind of person who doesn't engage in PMO. Think about doing:
    Something you enjoy
    Something you're good at
    Something important
    Something for somebody else, without thought of reward (and if you DO get an unintended reward, do something ELSE, perhaps for a different person or group).

    Read the journals of others - we all learn from each other. For example, I received the above good advice from a far more experienced member of the community who shared his knowledge. Don't just stay within your own age group or part of the world. Share your knowledge in a respectful way. Read, learn, apply.

    Look around the forums, get to know people. Everyone is friendly, and will try to support you. We're all in the same boat here. :)

    Be kind to others and others will be kind to you, both here and IRL.

    I wish you a successful reboot.
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    Mae, yo soy tico! Tenemos que formar una comunidad de Ticos haciendo NoFap. Un grupo de apoyo. Avíseme si quiere hablar y nos ponemos en contacto. Cuídese bro!!

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