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  1. I was triggered by the post "Beware of sissy hypnosis" and I decided to create an account here.

    I 've been addicted for a long time, but the last 15 years I slowly grew out of my dark and bond and lonely life. I became a christian, and from that point my strongest conviction to become and to stay free is that I (and I think all people) need unconditional love and loving relationships and connections.

    Keywords in my life were:
    Forced feminization and from that worship the c#ck (sort of homosexuality)
    Wanting to be a girl - sissification
    Obsessed by the look of women
    Masturbating, self suck.
    And the last step was erotic hypnosis and handsfree orgasms.

    Yep, I went down the rabbit hole very far.

    Nowaday I feel quiet okay, peaceful and the need of using porn is getting less and less, develop some insights I appreciate to share with you readers. And I feel a need to talk about my strange longings. I believe it will help me to clean up my heart in a deeper way. I hope my posts will help the reader to get his / hers life back. Free from porn, able to love.
  2. @Roady ,

    Welcome to NoFap. Triggers are a problem for many of us.

    Looking forward to seeing you around!

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    STAR DUST Fapstronaut

    you are in the right place!
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