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  1. Trigirl78

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    Intimacy I mean anything really with exceptions of hugs and kisses.

    Man this Xmas is going to be hard!!! :mad:
  2. Trigirl78

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    I have taken on board your boundaries advice but I need some steer on consequences please :)
  3. Trigirl78

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    This is a sample list of Boundaries (These would be my top picks)

    • No Lying
    • No Apathy
    • No Pornography Substitutes (P-Subs)
    • No edging
    • No objectification or ogling other women
    • No circumventing Blocker Apps or Reporting Apps, parental controls, WiFi restrictions, Proxy Servers, or anything else designed to monitor your electronic media activities
    • No perpetual cycles of relaps/reset ****Not sure how this works in early stages?*****
    • No CD/DVD/VHS or any other media containing pornographic images or videos
    • No books, magazines, or other material of an erotic nature of any kind
    • No Applications (Apps) whose intended purpose is to disguise inappropriate material.
    • No social media, including but not limited to, Facebook, Kik, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, et al.
    • No Incognito Mode on any browser or deleting any history in whole or in part
    • No strip clubs, adult novelty stores, or adult magazine sections in any store
    • No cameras, video recording devices, hidden or visual, at any time
    • No News Groups or Internet Relay Chat
    • No Deep Web and No Dark Web, including TOR Brows er of any kind
    • No Incognito Mode on any browser or deleting any history in whole or in part

    Not sure how this one works if I am not the 'Accountability Partner' & Can I set these??
    • If you have a slipup, relapse, of any kind, you must notify me within 24 hours
    • No PMO, or any combination thereof. *****This will have to be his decision to have as a boundary*****
    • No erotic texting or Sexting, or electronic correspondence of a sexual nature ***will this be something we can ever look to do again??***
  4. Trigirl78

    Trigirl78 Fapstronaut

    So much to consider it’s mind boggling!

    I am still majorly unsure on what the actual consequences should be at this early stage? Is it a case of if you break a boundary ‘xyz will happen’ if so what are the sorts of xyz scenarios would I need to consider imposing?

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