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  1. Hi Everyone.

    I am male 29 years old about to turn 30 soon. I want to use NoFap as I feel that my habit of porn usage has become addictive since past 10 years.

    The frequency of porn usage has exponentially increased over time and I started to work on reducing it last 2 years. I have been somewhat successful at limiting it but still find it difficult to do it by myself.

    Hope to share of my negative experiences with PMO and reboot in the next 150 days is my goal.

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  2. Thank you for your amazing advice. I should mention that it is something I have in mind to have it as a lifestyle long term. 150 days streak is a milestone I need to hit before I can claim that. I have failed couple times and never went beyond 21 days streak. (I know it’s terrible situation) Yes will not sweat over a single relapse. It will be a marathon till I get it right for 150 days and then never ending marathon continues. Thank you for taking the role of my charioteer. It’s the best one.
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    20 days seems to be a point where the difficulty increases for many people. If that’s the case, then the reward of lasting longer than 20 must be even greater. For me, 20 days is about how long it takes for me to regain my natural confidence and cure PIED.

    One piece of advice from me: you will not succeed by cutting down or reducing porn, because you will still be craving and dying for it in your subconscious, even if you feel like you’re free (see my essay False Freedom). You have to have the intention to give up porn completely. Even if you struggle to meet that challenge it’s better to have that as your goal and fail repeatedly than to only intend to cut down.
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  4. I completely agree that reducing or cutting down porn is not the solution. To clarify , that is something I had as an intention when I didn’t join NoFap. I have total intention of not looking at porn at all or any sexting etc. I will check the essay for sure to see how subconsciously it would affect me in dreams. I am aware that intention is the trigger in itself. My lifestyle would be to accommodate that as well and it is starting now.
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