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    Okay, so here is my story. I have been on Nofap for 2 years now, and there have been some days I went well, but most of my years have been ass. I wrestle and I certainly feel And experienced the benefits going on but it's like I'm stuck in a loop over and over again. I want to be the best version of myself possible and get a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. But each week, I keep hindering myself with PMO, always fucking yo myself. This is recently day 1 as of right now. But tomorrow will also be DAY 1 because if I keep counting days, I WILL RELAPSE. I also need to make some serious changes into my life, because I don't know the vale of my sperm, and my drive. I really need to stay motivated and disciplined throughout this lifelong journey because now it's messing up my relationship with God, my family and others. I also workout but there are days in where I don't workout or take cold showers and then
    I relapse again. I'm tired of this B.S AND I WANT TO CHANGE. Please give me tips and motivation about nofap/semen retention and help me through this together. Because i will not quit at all costs. I will keep fighting, until I make it out of this hellhole. I just need support Anne to change my lifestyle. I wanna Be n PMO free to my birthday ( MAY 11) as my sweet 16 present and I wanna start now.
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    I like your spirit man. Every time you relapse write the reason why you relapse and make sure you wont repeat that and make a plan how you are going to fight it next time. Stay strong man learn from your mistakes and never give up and i promise you one day you will gain freedom from this and will life of your dreams
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    “If you quit every time it’s challenging, you’ll never make it. That’s why only the dedicated succeed. Only the people that truly want it.”

    Are you dedicated?
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