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    Hi guys. I'm facing a path of recovery from porn addiction. Is it better to gradually diminish masturbation with porn, or stop immediately and stay abstinent for a certain number of days?
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    Best approach based on the research I’ve seen is to stop completely for a while and let the brain rewire itself in a more healthy way.

    What’s your history with PMO?
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    Stopping Immediately is the Best and most effective option .
    But , You can also take the approach of leaving porn first and , Only MO for some time ( say , a month after no porn ). And leaving MO after that.
    If you have read about the porn addiction , then you may know that the real enemy is porn , Masturbation has been around for a long time . In the Recent years , the High speed Internet Pornography , which is readily available at the click of a button , has caused the PMO addiction.
    So , Leaving Porn is a must , and do it as soon as possible.
    As for MO , leave it too.
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    "Graduaally diminish" is a lie, you either watch porn or don't . Just decide to quit my dude
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  6. I advise you to resign from MO too. Your brain will rewire much faster. As a married man I know the pain, and when me and my wife had longer periods of abstinence from sex, even after 90 days of complete zero PM, strong urges would come.

    If you want to take it seriously, resign from PMO completely.

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