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    Sup bois, I'm a 16 year old kid who has been fapping and looking at porn since I was 12 and I finally wanna break the cycle while I'm young. I recently had a go at nofap and I relapsed today at 14 days. I'm basically doing this for my own good since I struggle with mild depression and social anxiety. I really want to live my best life since I only get one chance and hopefully with this website I can achieve it! If you guys have any tips for a beginner, please let me know!
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    Hello buddy and welcome!

    A different perspective is that you get one chance every day..every..single..moment! You are in control, everybody is most likely in control of his own life if he is able to be writing on nofap. Whether we like it or not. WORK for what you want!

    It is difficult but your streak says youve already worked! Keep it up, again and again..and again. Get a journal, write with fellow fapstronauts!

    Stay around! Take care

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