How can I deal with social anxiety

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by TheWolverine, May 24, 2017.

  1. TheWolverine

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    Hi fapstronautes !
    I feel anxious when I talk to a girl because I can't continue the conversation.
    I have lack of think to say.
  2. Christis2strong

    Christis2strong Fapstronaut

    My brother. Not eating meat helps appart from no masturbation. Try it 3 days. Fruits nuts seeds grains and vegetables.
  3. What does meat have to do with social anxiety?
  4. saadk

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    what you're describing is very relateable.

    Here's what works for me;

    > firstly, understand that there are people that you wont have very much in common with at all. These conversations are difficult for lots of people, not just you. Hence, dont be discouraged this is pretty natural.
    > secondly, carrying a conversation is a skill that you can build. It stems from honing two subskills : listening and asking the right questions. Essentially, stop replying with things that can be answered in a word or two. Having your listener reply with a meaningful response which requires them to dig into their personal life is what builds connection. In order to ask good questions, you have to be able to listen to what the person is saying. It helps when I pause and ponder about what the person is saying and pick something they said in particular and have them elaborate. There need not be any rush when talking to a person. Conversations then flow once you know a little more about the other person.

    check out this video:

    good luck
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  5. Kennen

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    A conversation will be great specially if both of you have something in common. Start a coversation about something that both of you can relate.
  6. Christis2strong

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    I used to eat lots of meat and used to blush easy, feel uncomfortable when presenting something in front of people, feel akward, sweat for no reason. Etc. I can make longer list for sure. Since i have not eaten meat, 4 years now i noticed results immediatly. Within the first week. Personal experience. And meat clogs your brain, meaning makes u think more thoughts then u should. Cloudy brain. When u eat vegan, you will notice your brain will function better. You will remember things in class better. Peoples names. You will do math problems in ur head quicker. Etc. Your confidence will increase. Meat eating also inflames our sexual passions.
  7. Could you provide us with scientific studies which back up your claims? This all just sounds like snake oil bs. I've eaten both ways in my lifetime and have not noticed any of these claims simply by switching to veganism.
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  8. Andre2807

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    Before this thread becomes a debate on veganism, I'll assist the OP with his question.

    What is your intentions behind the conversation?
    Why were you talking to her?

    Whenever you have an agenda (aka you like her), you'll run out of things to say... why? Because you want her to like whatever you are saying. Rather than talking with her with the end in mind... Have no outcome. Don't focus on the result. I hate to say this... but 'be yourself'. If you have an agenda, she'll notice and when she notices, you'll become nervous. Even better, if you like her, but upfront, open and honest about it from the start. Then the pressure is off.

    In normal conversations (conversations without agenda), I use a 'conversation bucket'.

    Example: Say the last thing that was mentioned is about Germany... Germany is in the conversation bucket.
    Now respond by using Germany. You can change the topic by talking about German accents etc...
  9. Txqjacki

    Txqjacki Fapstronaut

    Sounds like a complete placebo. Its clear that you very strongly believe in veganism, so I doubt you suddenly got socially comfortable without a little help from the placebo effect. Eating meat has nothing to do with social anxiety. There are millions of socially confident people who eat meat, so please stop providing weird info that has nothing to do with this. I agree that a healthy diet helps your brain activity, but a healthy diet can consist of meat.

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