How can I protect my privacy?

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  1. maxmayer

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    It's became a common and very important question nowadays. Your thoughts? How can people protect their privacy in the internet or even outside?
  2. Only thing you can really do is use a trust worthy browser, as well as a secure and reputable VPN on your PC/phone.
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  3. onceaking

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    You could use DuckDuckGo.
  4. maxmayer

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    Thanks but I have been already using Veepn for about few years. I suppose it's good opportunity to avoid problems in internet but there a lot of other threats everywhere.. I hope people will start take more care about themselves.
  5. A VPN is really all you can use online, but even then I know police themselves have the ability to get around that if they really wanted to.

    I’m not sure I understand what threats you’re talking about, in real life that is.
  6. Boy dream

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    use vbn and tor browser
    i think that best way to save privacy
  7. Buy a VPN, never reveal your name or face online.
    • Use a VPN while on the internet.
    • Use an alternate/pseudo name and email address.
    • Turn location services off.
    • Enhance privacy services on your devices.
    • Have a prepaid cell phone.
    • Go off the grid.
    • When possible pay with cash or use a preload/gift Visa/MasterCard.
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  8. maxmayer

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    thanks I have already made a conclusion that vpn is necessary :)
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  9. AnxietyDude

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    Privacy, a interesting Paradox in our culture.

    Privacy, doesn't exist unless you pay others to grant it for you.
    Yet right to privacy is a given human right. Yet to use it you will have to
    pay others. But of you do not, then they can abuse your privacy for free.

    I use Startpage, and DuckDuckgo, and a Cell VPN. PC, use out of block VPN.
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  10. maxmayer

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    your first words are exactly right I must say cause privacy doesn't exist unless you pay others to grant it for you and it's so pity...
  11. I believe the erosion of privacy occurred during the advent of social networking. Since all great evils are disguised as a good the removal of privacy was disguised as “staying connected”. I always made the joke that here in the U.S. Homeland “Security” should have provided Facebook with a medal for being able to get people to voluntarily provide them with a public dossier about their life, friends, family, likes/dislikes, political views, and frequently visited destinations via geotags.

    Basically they made it hip to be public and people followed along like cattle.
  12. AnxietyDude

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    I find the whole social media thing astounding. In a world where sexual assaults occur, kids are stolen and sold.
    This is on the news every night. Yet everyone tells , everyone else, where they went, how long, who they were with, When they
    will be gone next time. Social media is a stalker dream, why laws are passed about stalking, cyber stalking is hard, very hard to catch, with VPN's, Tors and no ID required we are setting a picnic group up for the criminal element. I will be honest I actually was a hacker, but we didn't call it that, we were called decoders.
    Behind every successful Coder there an even more successful De-coder to understand that code.
    But was long ago, and past the statue of limitations. It used to be hacks were done simply as a status quo.
    A way to show your coding skills and adaptability. But today its something different. It victimizes the individual
    which a code of ethics violation most times. Kinda like a Mobs code never hurt women and children, so goes the code that
    bigbrother, and corporate America was free game. Allot has happened now people have the ID stolen, and the internet used against them.
    I do not approve.
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  13. Marcelo48

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    Use Linux, VPN and privacy enhanced Firefox. Delete social media especially Facebook. Delete Google account. Use encrypted PGP email. There is a lot of stuff you can do. Check this website out:
  14. jarvyjarvison

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    Use a privacy focused OS like Tails. Use firefox for browsing with NoScript. Use Signal for secure communication.

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    Privacy is utopia on the internet I guess. The ultimate AI must be fed...
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