How can I show her I care?

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by Shy_1990, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Shy_1990

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    I almost lost my best friend and love of my life to this horrible addiction. She has given me a 3rd chance (yes i know I am very lucky) but after finding some pretty gross stuff on my laptop she has some pretty strict but firm terms and conditions this time around.
    For example tracking software ect and also I'm going to be wearing a chastity device for a few months.

    My question is this. What are some real actions that I can do right now today that will make her feel appreciated and show her that away from this addiction I am a nice guy that cares about her a lot. This is not about anything in the bedroom.
    I just want to reconnect with her on an emotional level.
    Any advice?
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  2. Motiv3

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    My advice?
    Stop the fucking addiction. If she dumpes you like happend to me 1 month ago you Will Be in my same situation.

    And I don't wish this to no one. Not Even to bad people.
    You don't want a heartbroken.
    Leave the addiction, pass time with her take her out as surprise to somewhere she likes. Tell her to wear something you like and tell her she is beautiful then grab her and kiss her like it's the last time you see her.

    PMO is fantasy. She is real. Be real for her.
    Avoid a heartbroken before it's too late.
    You don't want to lose something to know What you got.

    You still got time to do right so do it.
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  3. Shy_1990

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    Thank you
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  4. hope4healing

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    You can begin to do things to show her you appreciate her, but please understand that she probably won't feel that right away. If you're on your 3rd chance, it's likely that damage has been done, not only to the relationship but to her individually. For her to feel like you truly appreciate her and care about her, it will take time and consistency...I can't stress this enough.

    Learn to have empathy for her. Be understanding if she's struggling with effects of betrayal trauma. Listen to her without being defensive. Validate her feelings. Let her know that you're sorry for hurting her and that you don't want to hurt her anymore...and mean it. Make sure your actions match your words. Most of all, be honest no matter how hard it is, all the time.
  5. Shy_1990

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    Thanks for the advice mate.
  6. EyesWideOpen

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    Have you watched the Helping Her Heal Videos by Dr. Doug Weiss?
  7. Shy_1990

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    No i have not. Ill check it out

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