How did it become such a big problem? [Rant]

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    For this post I am going to talk as a guy as I am a guy and I wanted to reflect why it’s become a problem for guys.

    As guys, as humans, how did we let this problem become so big ? How did we ignore or live with it for so long ? I am 30 and I started watching porn at 12. That means I have watched it since I was able to use the computer. As a programmer I used the computer everyday at work. It makes me money and feeds my family. I am able to donate money, live new experiences every week because of the computer. But it’s utility changes as soon as I am alone in my own house. Why as a human being I have allowed the very thing that feeds me to also be the very thing that destroy me. I guess that’s the power of technology. In the previous generation, I would have probably watched through a magazine or something but I would be teaching math through books too. Books were the technology. Or paintings on caveman’s walls in Stone Age.

    The excuse for me has always been, if I stop I might be horny and cheat. This is better. But haven’t we evolved. Haven’t we able to say no to shitting in public that our ancestors commonly did. Or haven’t we been able to stop the Nazis despite their very attractive proposition of homogenization of population for the greater good. Throughout history, we as humans have chose not to bite the apple so that we can have it for later. So that we can have a better future. When did we drop our defenses against such a habit ? When did we give up our control ?

    If I was Porn, I would want me to be in secret. Silently taking my victims one by one, making them shameful and controlling their lives. Making them stop socializing so that they can spend time with me. But as a human, we need to accept this a problem. This a huge problem, an epidemic. We need to acknowledge it exists and I thinks acknowledgement is what makes our societies stronger. We need to face our demons but we don’t have to face it alone. Let’s work together to eradicate this epidemic in the next few generations. If not us then who?
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    I was a programmer in the 90's, and I remember interviewing at a company that was designing software to deliver video over the internet. It seemed that the videos were going to only be a few minutes long, and I asked the interviewer why anybody would want to watch such short video clips. The interviewer was kind of evasive. Looking back I suspect the company was probably funded by the porn industry. Apparently the porn industry was instrumental in pushing for certain key technologies that they wanted.

    The companies I worked for were not directly involved in the web, but I find it ironic that software engineers developed the technologies to enslave THEMSELVES to porn. I am certainly enslaved today.
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