How do you guys do it??!

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by NeroBlack, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. NeroBlack

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    I'm on my 4th reset and I've started about a month ago. I want a complete reboot I really do, but the lust its soo powerful. I can make it up to day 5 or 6 by keeping myself busy and around people. But I just completed an internship and I'm waiting for school to start and I literally can just stay in my single bedroom apartment all day. Around day 4 I start edging and then I just cant stop and it'll go on for hours til my will finally breaks. I try to take a cold shower go out run some errands but as soon as I'm back home my mind is compelety engulfed by sex. I can't do any leisurely reading, study for upcoming classes or anything because my mind is so engulfed in these fantasies, MILFs, friends moms, teachers anything I've never done or had the chance to do I obsess over it.

    The lust it controls me completely. I can regain control of myself for a while but it always comes back stronger. How do you guys do it? How do you defeat this basic instinct?!
  2. Shakti

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    Just don't stop trying. Losing doesn't make you a loser, quitting to try makes you a loser.

    I tried to quit PMO numerous times for at least 10 years. Sometimes I gave up on the idea only to come back to it later motivated more than ever.

    First, you need to believe you can succeed. Then you need to do the hard work to make your dream come true.
  3. suyash_4376

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    Love the pic @shakti...
  4. NoFap2000

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    Buddy first of all you must understand this that your the biggest sex organ in your body is your brain. It is an ever calculating machine. Every thing you see hear touch form a bit on information hungry to be processed.

    You need to confront these bits of information. The list is practically infinite but this might give some idea and you will your own factors.
    1. Porn
    2. Erotic pic
    3. Erotic reading material
    4. A movie on TV with some hot chicks.
    5. Even a girls just walking by the road(if more enough days of abstinance have passed)
    6. Sexual Fantasy
    7. A hot chick bill board even a girl on a rapper
    8. Hot videos with girls dancing

    Going physical work and have showers is very help full.

    One more thing be vigilant even to things that are not P or M or edging but brings you to want these. When I see some Hollywood movie and the girl is just showing cleavage I quickly turn to internet and find some nude photos of her. and after one nude comes another and so on to P and then M.

    Your major problem is you being alone in the room try to solve this problem. The area where you use to M motivate you to repeat it. Try avoiding it. Repent to God ask for forgiveness.

    Work on your inner self!
  5. Saserman

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    It's simple really
    1- Don't touch your dick, no matter what. I think this is the most important thing to keep in mind. You can't fap if you don't touch your dick.
    2- Don't look at porn or anything sexually stimulating. If you see something sexually stimulating, immediately look at something else. Don't let the dopamine levels increase because you're going to have a bad time all day if that happens.
    3- Don't fantasize, even about real women. This is hard, but you need to remind yourself to think about other things.

    As Shakti posted, a very tiny few can succeed on their first try. If you relapse, pick up where you left off and try setting a goal to "beat your previous record"
  6. Hotshot

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    This. So far using the advice of other people, and learning from their mistakes instead of having my own mistakes [which will inevitably happen] I am trying to eliminate as many failures to winning as possible. Working smarter not harder is often the best policy.

    This streak I am on now, is the only time I have ever tried to quit PMO in 14 years. I didn't even know I had a problem until the night I made my tracker and joined NoFap. I found out about it while looking for porn on reddit. [Ironically]

    My largest motivation thus far has been writing in my journal. It is nice to see my progress and how great things are without PMO. You should make one for sure if you haven't already, and update it daily. Best of luck!
  7. mijereah

    mijereah Fapstronaut

    Stay strong is key! Cold Showers help! Prayer helps! Accountability partners help!
  8. adriatik28

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    Hello Neroblack. The picture Shakti posted says a lot. There are times that we will fail, whether we like it or not, but what matters is how you get back up. You said you relapsed for a number of times. Use it as a way to re-assess yourself. What led to the relapse? It could be stress, a life-changing event, a crisis/problem. For me, it was something that happened that led me to relapse.

    I agree with the posts of our fellow fapstronauts. There are many ways for us to deal with this. It's up to us to find the right combination of activities to divert our attention. Maybe there's a hobby that you want to re-discover. Maybe you want to get fit and start exercising. Maybe you want to join a church fellowship and Bible study. What I'm trying to say is that use this nofap challenge as a way to discover new things about yourself and also to re-connect with yourself. Honestly, I still am on the way to learning and re-learning things about myself.

    More power to you. Take it one day at a time. Fight on!
  9. marcpro

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    Oh dude that s hard if you cant go out, try to stay busy as much as possible. Books, sport, intelectual TV shows or youtube shows. Avoid triggers, install the k9 security filter if you cant manage your triggers. Try to make friends, and meet female friends for the new start it makes the challenge easier when you approach from the reality. Also get a banner with your goal so that we know about your progress, the only thing that is important is that your satisfied with yourself. Youll see youll spend your time for much useful things as P. If you talk too much about S pls write in big letters NSFW [not safe for work] because many people is very close from relapsing when they get triggered with this kind of shit.
    So fight and lets us know good luck mate. The secret is to keep yourself busy and no way you rationalize M if you do then you will M but the shitty feeling your will get after will make you understand that you made a mistake. Hard times + hard work > Good times. I failed many times before I got to this point I made 2 times 1 month the first days are the hardest thats where you have to keep so busy to avoid the thoughts of P and do some physical exercices to use that energy in a good and healthy way. Good Luck once more, all is up to you.
  10. dutchman1983

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    Stay strong. Sports. Meditate. Start to study something
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  11. manolo578

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    You just have to remain strong man. IMO, just M would be better for you than watching any porn. What I did was abstain from porn for 2 months and then I decided to fully participate in NoFap after I found out about it. If it helps you, divide this challenge into sections and work your way up. Quitting porn and then eliminating fapping can probably help you ease into NoFap and give you a greater feeling of self-fulfillment after quitting porn and then moving onto quitting M. Just my personal journey...
  12. Starco

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    Think about all the benefits from NoFap and all the disadvatages of the consequences of fapping when you feel the cravings.

    Avoid things that lead to cravings such as fantasizing and touching yourself.

    Put up a goal keep your focus on that goal.

    Even if you fail you can as long as you don't give up, so keep trying no matter how many times you fail.

    ALWAYS keep in mind why you choose to nofap.

    Good luck!
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  13. marcpro

    marcpro Fapstronaut

    Starco said all the truth its freaking worth it.
  14. fapoholic23

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    Yeah man, just keep trying, a smooth ship never made a skilled sailor! I reset today, I could have just masturbated, but I wanted to watch porn, so I did. I don't even really feel guilty about it. I'm watching it a lot less now than I was before I joined the website, which is good. Just gonna keep trying. I've created 2 counters now. I want to make it 30 days without watching P and 14 days with MO.
  15. manolo578

    manolo578 Fapstronaut

    It's all about keeping away from your triggers. I'm currently tempted to engage in an activity that'd get me fantasizing and put my 30 day hard mode goal in jeopardy. You have to believe in yourself and think about the potential outcomes if you reset and if you really want those.

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