How do you sublimate?

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    So I've read about the idea of sublimation, the idea that you can channel your sexual urges into a more productive activity. The thing is, how do you do it?

    When I get the urge to fap I don't want to work on that personal project I've never been able to finish...I want to fap.

    Even if I distracted myself by working on that project the urge to fap would only come back later.

    So how does the sublimation thing work?
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    Be straightforward in governing the nation;
    be cunning in waging a war.

    Conquer the world by not interfering.

    How do I know this should be so?


    the more taboos and restrictions,
    the poorer the people become;

    the sharper the weapons,
    the more fear in the land;

    the more cunningness,
    the more abnormal the events;

    the more laws,
    the greater the number of thieves.
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    Transmutation/Sublimation is no easy thing. If you try to fight with an urge, it can seem like wrestling a bull or an alligator in a mud pit in Bubba's backyard down in Camden, Alabama.

    Here's a link to give you a basic concept of transmutation. While these 2 terms can be used interchangeably the term sublimation is more often used to describe the process of changing your 'sexy qi' into 'spiritual qi', a very natural alchemical process, widely known in Eastern schools of thought, mainly Taoism.

    CHAPTER 11


    Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill [1938]
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    Will the real sublimation please stand up?

    If you are interested in sublimating energy in the manner I describe above, I would suggest looking into meditation and qi gong practice, learning from a teacher in person is always preferred over trying to teach yourself online or through books, but not everyone has the means or opportunity, so here is a tidbit to gnaw on, food for thought:

    The brain is the sea of marrow which is ruled by the energy of the kidneys. The kidneys are also responsible for growth and reproduction. Therefore, the kidneys are responsible for semen (spermatozoa for men and ova for women) production. The semen is the main source of human energy, via vitality. The four qi vessels (Yangqiao, Yinqiao, Yangwei, and Yinwei) of the legs receive their qi from semen conversion. At midnight, the qi circulation about the microcosmic orbit reaches huiyin that stimulates the genitals to interact with the dantian qi. Sublimation of jing causes the qi in these four vessels to become deficient, so more essence may be converted.

    To practice sublimation, lead the qi upward, returning the essence to nourish the brain. When the brain is full it becomes energized with clear thoughts and is able to function more completely. When more of the brain is able to be used, the shen can be raised through increased sensitivity and effective thinking. [nsfw]This allows the spirit to remain after death of the physical body.[/nsfw] To reach this level one must first let go of all material thoughts and emotions. The Chong vessel is the most responsible vessel for the sublimation of spirit due to its capability of regulating the kidney meridian and mutually supporting the Ren meridian.


    The three key elements of qi gong are the regulation of the body, regulation of breathing, and regulation of mind. The three keys must simultaneously coordinated to achieve dirigation
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