How sex should be done, after you abstain from PMO

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Today i tought about women in our society.
    Because many lives are ruined of wrong using sexual passions.
    Man degrades his dignity by looking at women as sexual objects and nothing more, so many marriages are ruined by this, becuase they lack love and connection with wife.
    And also, young girl is in very hard position, because in their homes parents forces them to get married (so everyone be happy in family and be proud of) , but girl doesnt like how man is behaving, man doesnt have respect for women, they want someone who is capable of protecting them not just physically (that's easy for men who are agressive), they want character of man, that man is well-balanced and care about others and others feelings.

    So when you avoid PMO it really changes your view of others,
    And many marriages can be much more improved if both man and woman avoid PMO, and in marriage even if there were never love (because marriage was force of parents, not choise of woman), still lives can be united again in love.

    Of course, i am not saying that woman is perfect in this issue, also woman have their problems as man.
    Womans should without shame try to explore man's body, man, allow women to touch you, and feel you, and woman in doing that show them love, because if you want to be loved by a real man who cares, you need also to be one who will give love too, and you should not be prideful , instead be humble, and show love.
    Because if you woman show love to man, so you will show love for your children also, and children will have right image of real love.
    This is really sex ideal we should see for.
    To not just connect in good feeling of physical touch, also to connect in love.
    So, this is good idea to think of improving while you are rebooting, and working on building better marriage, but dont just keep yourself this, show woman/man your intentions, so they know what you are doing, if spouse wont communicate and is problem in her/him, and just spouse still do PMO and is behaving bad on you, if you become tired of it, better for you to get divorced than to have pressure every day, because it's ruining your life.
    You can find right person, if you have right mindset, and changed behaviour and view of sexuality as a whole, you will be much more able to resist man/woman who just goes with feelings but not real love.

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