How to abstain from Masturbation

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    Hey mates, how you all keeping up with Nofap and rebooting process? I would love to hear from you all about your achievements even if it's just the starting days.

    So, I am posting this thread for a several reasons and one of them is "URGES!" . YES, since two- three days I am facing a lot urges issues even craving for "M" but I am being strong and controlling myself.

    Now, I am going to talk about "how to abstain from PM", recently I read some threads about this and people there have suggested some great techniques to tackle this "urges issue" but as I'm on rebooting process I feel myself confident enough to come up with my own technique and that is "minimize the usage of cellphone".

    The above technique is for those people(including me) who are more fantasized by visuals so I have noticed the more I use social media sites the more I drag myself in this swamp thing called PMO.
    There are several points I am mentioning below I hope these points would help you abstaining from PM.

    1- Use cellphone, but not frequently.
    2- Deactivate social media accounts for sometime.
    3- Detox dopamine by meditation.
    4- If you are interested in reading books then I recommend you to buy instead of reading them online.
    5- Engage yourself in a new activity, for say : Drawing, most of us are bad at this but what's bad in trying?
    6- Eat less sugar.
    7- Make a sleep routine.
    8- Be hydrated.
    9- Listen to music, I would recommend "Brain waves" while meditating or even just to relax your mind.
    10- Last but not the least, involve in conversation with your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, or whomever you feel right to talk about anything.( This helps a lot)

    I would appreciate if you guys mention your own techniques in the comment section below. I encourage all your efforts and support you guys have given me so much confident I'll always be thankful for this❤️❤️❤️.
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  2. Hi @domasfernandez ,

    Thanks for your post. To me, it's all in the mind, I keep myself from PMO because everytime I relapse I feel very ashamed and a bit angry. And these urges hits hard bro. I take cold showers, it really helps, then I go for a walk or to meditate, after this I don't feel these urges for the rest of the day. Also, I deleted all the apps like Twitter and Instagram, too risky to stay in there.
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    Welcome here

    Congratulations ur taking right steps .....

    Nice posts......

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