How to deal With shame

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    How did You guys deal With shame?
    I've been trying to quit porn for about one year and a half
    Im 20y old
    I dont feel the same pleasure with porn that i used to feel when i was younger. Even though i try to quit porn i always fail at some point
    And it brings a lot of negative feelings and emotions
    How do You guys deal With the Guilt of relapsing???
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    By realising that relapses are a natural part of the recovery process, and that they give you important information.

    They tell you what you’re doing wrong in your recovery. So if you relapsed because you spent too much time scrolling social media - that means stop using social media so much, or quit altogether.

    The more you learn from your relapses, the closer you come to perfecting your reboot, and eventually you’ll go on a streak that lasts forever. You won’t look back.

    Everyone goes through relapses. They suck, but there’s no need to be ashamed about them. In fact, they can be opportunities (in a weird way).
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