How to feel the body again, and meditation questions

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by greenishmoon, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. greenishmoon

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    I began to notice some years ago but just recently admited to myself that I haven't fully felt my body and its perceptions with the depth I had when I was younger (I'm 23).
    I am talking about feeling my skin, being able to see and hear, but with no emotion raising after (what music felt like, what seeing a beautiful sky, all those things have diminished, sometimes completely!).
    I presume high speed internet and porn since young age has to do with this (complete lack of focus). The latter is not a problem anymore. However, my attention isn't at its sharpest. I recently started meditation (the practice I have found to be of more use is to focus on not being taken driven by my train of tought, which is a REALLY harmful habit in my life), and to do it regularly has proben to give me some short moments of improvement in my overall happiness and well beign.

    However, I still feel (let's say) %90 disconnected from my body and objective reality. Things feel DULL, I feel NUMB.
    And I DON'T LIKE IT.

    I post to see if someone can share some insight with me. I have to comment that I live with (but commited to treat) anxiety in the form of speedy, erratic, constant and destructive toughts. Swimming has proven to be an excellent activity for this, I will probable resume with it or any other hard sport or yoga once I'm cured (OH ALSO I AM SICK WITH COVID SINCE LAST MONDAY SO THERE'S THAT).

    How can I regain my sensitivity?
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  2. modern milarepa

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    You already got your answer, go for a dopamine detox, less internet, less sensory stimuli. Give your senses a rest and all your sensory body receptors will get more sensitized and you will feel as when you were a kid.
  3. modern milarepa

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    Also what you are doing is great including meditation, nature works slowly but effectively. Give yourself some time to heal, it will happen.
  4. greenishmoon

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    Hey man thanks. I did dopamine detox two times and while being really hard I noticed good results. Should I just disconnect from the matrix two days? I am locked in my room right now, I feel kind of scared of that (doesn't mean I am not willing to). But I am already bored out of my soul, so there's nothing to lose.
  5. modern milarepa

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    Yeah man nothing to lose
  6. PanteriMauzer

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    Feel your body? Do gym and or mma , you will feel alot your body the morning you wake up after a tough train
  7. Upwards2020

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    This is anxiety ...overstimulation from the environment you live in. What I gained from covid was some clarity to ease up .... there isn't so many people ... tensions aren't so high. When your young you live in a bubble you have more mental capacity because your probably more confident have less stress and probably enjoy life more .. as an adult you will definitely have more bouts of anxiety that will make you out of touch it's fight or flight and preparation to either run or fight or being unsure if the stress has passed or not ... reducing stress and increasing things that make you happy and satisfied are what will help see you through. But meditation on whatever form but actual meditation is helpful to stop your mind from racing to slow it down that's bouts of stress and obsessive compulsive loops

    You can also reduce anxiety by your own behaviour and actions be an anxious wreck and people will react the same

    Be chill and people will usually be chill too.
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    @modern milarepa Hey man I just basically disconnected my wifi and stopped all digital behaviour yesterday, I almost didn't eat also. I noticed between yesterday and today's noon that I felt:
    -More aware (more sounds/images catch my mind).
    -Better toughts.
    -I noticed things I usually didn't (while reading, while talking with my family).
    -Better mood (a lot less of anxiety).

    I just used my computer four hours because of my job. I have to say that the computer really puts me in a high speed mode. I should put every gadget wise activity to a minimum.

    However, it's night time today and I wasn't enduring my boredom so here I am in the forums.

    Any other advice would be great anyway, since this isn't fully controlled yet.
    I am working to get off my parents house, there's a lot of nervousness arround here, so there's also that.
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  9. modern milarepa

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    That is great man, include your other senses
    Sight: internet
    Hear, touch and taste.
    Don't listen too much mundane music like really low class I dunno heavy metal or reggaeton, vulgar hip hop things like that.
    Taste: eating little is okay, no candy and junk food.
    Touch: don't touch your dog, I'm kidding haha.

    And a fith sense in a way is the mind not so much fantasies or letting the mind run wild.Include all your senses in the detox.

    Also exercise increases sensibility hard and soft exercises weights/yoga. Good sleep, healthy habits in general. And give it time nature works slowly but effectively.
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