How to fight against PMO urges the easy way

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  1. Been a 11 years porn addict. Almost using it every single day. I'm currently on day 33 NOFAP. I do experience quite a lot of urges. And almost cause me to relapse. Then i'm starting to realize this journey isn't going to be easy. But... I found easy way to deal with these urges.

    Why you experience strong urges and craving for watching porn when you are doing NOFAP. The simple answer is this. The first thing to know is, our brain doesn't know that watching porn is a bad thing. And it doesn't care when you are doing NOFAP to quit PMO. It will simply feed you with urges and craving for whatever your brain is wired to.

    Know this, the very key to change everything is by re-wiring your brain. When you start watching porn for the first time. You get hooked. The next day you watch it, the third day you watch it. And so on. This process is called re-wiring. You are re-wiring your brain to think porn is a good thing for you and you should use it no matter what. This makes it very difficult to change, because your brain doesn't care and doesn't know that you are trying to quit porn because it's bad to you. That's why people relapse because the brain simply doesn't give a sh*t about your feelings. It will only feed you whatever it's wired to. This is why willpower and motivation alone isn't enough to overcome PMO urges sometimes.

    My solution. Since your brain has now already constructed a very solid pathway for PMO. You don't need to use your willpower to fight against urges and cravings. All you need to do is, go backwards and re-wire your brain to educate yourself about the negative side-effects of PMO. By watching and reading studies by Gary Wilson's "Your Brain on Porn". And more studies out there about how wasting your semen can damage you as a whole. There are so much studies out there you can read.

    Important thing, you need to watch and read these studies every single day. Even multiple times a day. Regardless how familiar you are with these studies. The whole point is to re-wire your brain with these studies. When your brain is creating pathways for these studies. The PMO pathways in your brain will slowly die out, because these studies and education will directly infiltrate the PMO pathways in your brain, because both pmo and the studies are related together. Our brain is all about re-wiring. It will feed you whatever it's wired to. If it's PMO, then you will get PMO urges. If it's studies and education about PMO negative side effects, then the PMO urges will stop. I watch these studies every single day. The same video i repeated for like 30 times. I never had a single urge to watch porn for 2 weeks. The only urge i'm getting is to not watch porn. Because my brain is filled with studies. Educate yourself more is the key.

    Though it won't permanently destroy the PMO pathways in your brain. It just makes it a lot easier. So you can take your time to develop positive habits such as exercising, mediation, coldshower, social, and healthy diet. I'm able to do all these things and not being bothered by PMO urges. It's amazing. Hopefully it helps.
  2. Porn negative side effect videos:

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  4. Greetings from Malaysia. Where you live?

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    I'm gonna try this new trick.
    I've been by now a few 21 days and I joined just to give me some hope, I'm grateful I found this post!
  6. You're welcome
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    its a great technique....because just knowing is not enough. We all know on some level that PMO ain't good. Yet we keep getting urges, I wanna watch those videos repeatedly and must see if the urges abate...
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  8. Urges will definitely reduce. Because you are teaching your brain to know all the negative side effects. Watch these videos everyday. The each time you watch, you will learn new things. I'm still learning new things from these videos to this day.
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    thanks a lot, I will do as you suggested!
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    I live in Henan province,China. Chinese civilization was born on the shores of the Yellow river in 3000 BC. and and the fertile land where Chinese civilization began is Henan province. 我爱河南。
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  11. 你的英文挺好的. Watch this, it talks about what "semen" really is and the harm of PMO
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    Thanks, I'll surely try this..
    I'm currently on Day 3 of my 90 days NoFap journey.
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  13. It will definitely help. It's all about telling your brain, since everything is about the brain. Once you tell it long enough that porn is a bad thing. It'll stop bothering you with urges. I haven't experienced any urges at all for 3 weeks. Knowledge makes a huge differences in anything you do. I can tell you my benefits so far, so you don't relapse lol.

    1. More concentration.
    2. Much easier to develop discipline.
    3. Everything looks more real and vibrant.
    4. Animal attraction (i know it sounds funny. But cats and dogs are easily attracted to me without being scared)

    Withdrawal Symptoms:
    1. A little difficult to fall into sleep (improving)
    2. Suddenly no motivation, no drive, and brain fog (lasted 1 day)
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