How to Stop YouTube Addiction

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  1. And you have you're own channel. That's great!
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    Well youtube is the most easy platform to go check that stuff, yes there are others but youtube is the most avaiable and with most content . Ok its your point , in my opinion i dont agree with that , when you where in school you werent inventing , you were learning , same can be done in youtube , and that knowledge can lead you to make an invenction if you want , i love history(specially pre gunpowder stuff)and its he subject i like most , history is pass , so there is no invention for history, history talks about former invenctions.
    Its quite cool i learned alot , and the graphics also help , reading tires my eyes very quickly

    Ok, but dont compare youtube to Pornhub , its by far not the same , pornhub is always bad , youtube is only bad if you make decisions to that
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