I’m an 18 year old virgin

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Aki Kimura, Nov 3, 2018.

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    I hope I feel that way. Unfortunately, I lost my virginity at 15. I started working on the project when I was 14, it took about a year. I was obsessed.

    I met a girl who was a slut. She was attractive, and I told her up front that all I wanted was sex. Still, she invited me over. So we did it.

    I found out later that the guy who took her virginity was her uncle. She thinks she was 12 or younger. I showed up for a few months, got the sex, we had a fight and I left. I showed up as another guy who wanted what he wanted, and when getting it, departed.
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    You really want to have sex right now
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    Hey man. I read this post and just had to reply because I seem to be the exact opposite of you, at least in my outlook and experience.

    I'm also 18 and a virgin, and I also suffer from a masturbation addiction (not porn, fortunately).
    This is where any and every similarities between us end, at least as far as this matter goes.

    I've had lots of girls approach me over the years (not for sex; just to become a couple), and i've said no to each and every one of them. Idk about looks because it'll just be a dick move to call myself good-looking, but that's what the consensus votes in my favour.

    And I'm glad to ve a virgin because this is an achievement for me. Why so?

    Think about it. This is the same short-term oriented society which so openly glorifies sex and porn and drugs and alcohol. And look at where this generation is going. It's a bandwagon effect and it's destroying humanity all across the globe.

    If for nothing else, try to be unorthodox in everything you do (sensibly so, however). Take a chance to be the odd man out. And like this community of people daring to go against the norm of glorified sex, reap the benefits that such behaviour brings.

    Not to mention the fact that we're JUST 18 man. There's a very long road left ahead for us to go down that line. We have other shit to worry about for now. Like, you know- our careers XD
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  4. Pablo Civisapas

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    30yo virgin here.

    I actually chuckled upon seeing that you feel desperate to get laid.

    Sex is not the most important part of life. It is important, but man, there's much more to worry about.
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    Thanks but let's keep it in my journal and not contaminate other topics, shall we?
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    Oh shoot my bad. I deleted it. Hehe sry
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    What do you have to do? Improve yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, honestly, if I were a woman, would I have sex with myself? Probably not. Then ask yourself, again honestly, what would have to change in order for a woman to want me? Maybe this is hard for you to do, so I will give you somewhere to start.

    Start with you're physical appearance. You may be wearing some clothes that are dirty, or don't fit. Maybe you also haven't showered in a while or you have acne. These are easy to fix, I'm sure you don't need instruction here. After you have fixed you're hygiene and clothes, maybe you have gotten a new haircut too, you might realise you are too skinny or too fat, so join a gym. Even if you aren't join a gym, it will improve many areas of you're life. Do program like starting strength or stronglifts and eat well consistently for the next 3 months and you will be a new man. You will be stronger, bigger, more confident, more attractive, more disciplined, happier and healthier.

    I've given you somewhere to start. There is no magic pussy password, no pick up line that works on all women, the secret is rather than working hard on women, work hard on yourself and you will get women. Come back in 3 months and if you want more advice.
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    It is just that kind of mindset (needing to get laid for the sake of getting laid and a girl's approval) that brought me so much misery, neediness, emotional pain and anxiety for more than another decade when I was 18 (back in 2006). I was desperately chasing chicks, usually at the worst possible spots (bars and nightclubs), thinking that it would automatically solve all my problems/issue and shortcomings just if I only got laid.
    It took me another 10-11 years before I started to work with self-improvement in a way that was very beneficial for me and that did not involve chasing chicks or approval. I focused on becoming the best version of myself (no matter the circumstances) and everything that I had struggled with for so long started slowly to fall into place.
    Before you can be happy in a relationship with someone else, you got to be happy and perfectly fine in solitude first because if you are not, those issues will follow you into future relationships as well.
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    18 and virgin is quiete average man, don't worry

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