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  1. Hi everyone

    After reading on the forum and on yourbrainonporn.com, it seems like the big enemy is porn, and not that much masturbation. I've always been told that it was a healthy and natural part of life to masturbate,and while I get that masturbating to porn can and will have a bad influence of your health and way of thinking, I was wondering why, and if, just quitting porn, while still MOing would be that bad?
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    Hey wemmew! :)

    I personally do not believe that masturbation without porn is very detrimental. I would advise anyone who masturbated without porn to be wary that they might go back to their porn-watching habits though.

    Personally for me, I find that the addiction to novelty is the part about pornography that poses a problem in my life. I find that as time goes on, I begin to want to view different and more "twisted" sexual acts. This transcends porn and includes my social networking, gaming, and other technology related habits. I go on binges that affect my job, schooling, and social life. So I personally, don't find masturbation to be so much a problem in comparison to the novelty addiction that pornography brings.

    I am very curious to hear what other people's take on this topic is as well.

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