I attracted 2 desirable women last summer

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    Geting attention from girls was complete mystery for me, and I hated the fact that some of mine friend and family teased me about it. There was pressure on me to do something about my way with girls and I needed to do it soon, but not many answers did appear to me at the time. One day I found a guy who was talking about some topic, and I wasn't
    expecting any kind of advice in attracting women at all, so it came as a surprise to me. Basically he said that he attracted women by showing them no sexual interest at all. I
    decided to use this advice and I ended up regretting not doing this long time ago. I went to an event and I saw most beautiful woman in that grupe, and I have completely ignored her, in fact I haven't even introduce myself to her (keep in mind this was
    small event so not that many people were there). Instead I was taking to the guys, and one of my friend was trying to get with her. I was having her interest picked by doing somthig she did not expected from single guy (ignoring her beauty). Anyway I did this same trick with another girl that was really cute even without make up, that kind of cute girl and it worked like a charm. I have learn that woman react to the guy who is acting like she doesn't exist.