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    Hi everyone. Do you have any tips how I can abstain PMO?
    I already tried cold showers but it doesn't work. I tried to disconnect my internet from porn but it doesn't work. I keep relapsing and relapsing again. When I think about sex, I keep dreaming a lot of shit. I know that PMO is bad for me but how can I change my life? I tried going to the gym, it helps me a bit. But now I am not going anywhere no bycicle no running no anything just watching porn and jerking off and playing video games. And also I eat a lot of food because I am stressed about my work and my lifestyle. Some times I wait for the work end for only watching and doing PMO. I started NoFap in October 2018 and now I can't reach the point where I am in 10 days of reeboting. I really tired, maybe I think it's usefull?
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