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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Black_Knight 1998, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Black_Knight 1998

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    Hi guys, in the last relapse which was after about month
    I did something that i did not do it long time ago, I red on the internet about new to masturbate and I found that they recommend to use a anal toy even if you're straight ,which encouraged me to do (although I was doing thin but not in every time and I didn't do this thing about 1 year ago) but I did it,and used a toothbrush and I hurt myself accidentally in the first outer part , but then I inserted it till I felt it can't be inserted more and caused some pain.

    My question is
    Is it really the straight man can do things like that because I really have internet about male but I have strong thoughts about I'll be guy because of that and that's why I stopped doing this?

    I inserted it so deep and I tried to insert it more but I couldn't stand the pain but I did not stop the trying of inserting more ,so can it cause me cancer if I hurt myself from inside ?

    Can doing this cause cancer of the rectum or colon?

    If I enjoyed some part of doing this , this can't cause me to be a gay?
  2. BravelyKegger

    BravelyKegger Fapstronaut

    Not going to lie that was a rough read but I do not recommend using anal toys at all, I do not think it is necessarily gay but if you are trying to reboot do not do it. It will not cause cancer but you can damage your insides if you go to deep and are to rough with it.
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  3. BlueBallsOG

    BlueBallsOG Fapstronaut

    Doesnt make you gay, some men are into that, even with a woman. And it also doest cause cancer.
  4. All For One

    All For One Fapstronaut

    Not cancer, but you can cause rectal bleeding, which isn't pretty and is liable to infections since your shit is normally stored there as well. Let me tell you this- if that infection gets into your blood, you can die. Literally.

    Not necessarily. You most likely ended up applying pressure on your prostate, which is most likely at the level of- or higher- to the resistance you felt, which was most likely your anorectal ring.

    Please stop putting stuff up your ass. It leads to nothing good.
  5. Fallensoldier1

    Fallensoldier1 Fapstronaut

    Not going to lie that was a bit rough. But we all have our struggles and fetishes. Just my opinion, but that hole wasn’t made for anything to enter. Male or female. It’s used to rid the body of waste. I would not recommend inserting anything inside it.
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  6. khabastos

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    I can't imagine this being good for your reboot, since it involves sexual pleasure and as such it can be considered a form of masturbation.

    However, forgetting that part for a second, anal pleasure for men is completely normal and doesn't make you gay. Inserting things up your ass stimulates the prostate which is part of the reproductive system. If you're going to keep doing this (post reboot and preferably with a partner in bed) keep in mind that it should not be done without careful consideration. What object you use, what kind of lube, how deep, etc. It's not as simple as shoving a toothbrush up your anus since that can actually kill you like some people have already said.
  7. Jarad999

    Jarad999 Fapstronaut

    I dont recomend doing that at all you'll literally bleed from doing it.

    Please dont cause yourself harm because people died what @All For One said you need to consider sticking something inside your butt Is not good and it wont do anything good at all.
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  8. fishfoody

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    that's too graphic for me. Having sex or doing anything sexual to anus is just wrong and disgusting for me. I've been addicted to porn for a long time but i have never liked the idea of doing sexual stuff using your anus. It's just plain wrong for me. If anything all i am aroused is by women's private.

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