I don't care about having a girlfriend anymore.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Fractured Mindset, Jan 2, 2021.

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    Yo op listen to me and listen to me good.
    I will tell you two important things so pay attention
    First you mentione that yoir high school friends are either married or engage . Check back in on them after a few years. Either 1 or both partners are cheating. Or they are divorced or they hate each other so much and so on so ypu not missing put on much.
    And second how ypu said ypu are not what women need. Women are not what women need they dont know what they need and never will. But what a man needs in a pieace of mind. So stop crying over women 1 girl rejected you ( try having ypur heart broken so mamy times like mine by exes and by the love of my life because she could not wait a bloody year for me to get more money so we can buy a flat in her countty). You dogded a bullet now just let go enjoy your life amd never look at a women ever again.
    I posted a post a few hours ago how i have given up on finding love and now im here with a smile on my face somethi g i have not had in a long time. Stop stressing and do ypu
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    Sure, there is always going to be something. We're never fully complete. But as you grow as a person, try new things, build your well-being, etc., you start to find the people you fit with. In that time you're more likely to date and find relationships. It becomes an organic process as opposed to a mission or the means to an end.
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  3. honestly, I feel like my work obligations are more important than building a social life.
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    And they should be. I live in a small country in europe and am planning on working 2 jobs not because i have to but because i want to save alot of money so me and my sisters bf can open a restaurant. Plus i get 3 months so the money i dont put in oir restaurant plan i will go to asia and fuck all day. Trust me you dont need a sociale life. All the fun activities you can alone. Whatis actuale a sociale life to go qith a group of people to a bar and pock up women or watch the stupid game. Work hard save money travel fuck women in diffrent countries and save up for ypur retirement
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  5. yet my money is all withering away to rent, food, and gas.

    Besides, I don't see myself being responsible enough to have sex anyway.
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    Having money certainly makes it easier to do things like eat, have a roof over your head, etc. Survival is a priority over socializing.
  7. Yo brodaaa. I too felt like having a girl.
    Then I saw my two classmates , perhaps a couple , always obsessed with each . She replying to his messages in the class wattsapp group. He , sharing her funny pictures in the group and laughing . Resting on each other's shoulders etc. One day This made my stomach cramp. When I see them obsessing over each other I feel like vomiting and I can't stop thanking God for saving me from such things. I will be uncomfortable like hell if anybody is obsessed with me . I realise that I very much love my personal time with myself.
    When marriage comes I will look for a person who sees me as another fellow human being and not as a possession and gives me my space.
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  8. Yea... that's a pretty big reason why I don't like seeing couples. They're always pawing at each other, trying to be cute, and only trying to have fun and make each other laugh.
    though laughter is important- I don't wan those things mentioned above because those things don't establish long term commitment, and without something like that I don't see a short term relationship being worth my time.
    but at the same time, I find the traditionalist view of monogamy to be quite boring. I can't explain this contradiction. Maybe I just want to oppose the way I was raised and the world I see around me.
  9. just do like me pretend to be gay it makes stuff a lot better :p
  10. Beware of gays brother . They are always in search of a prey. : /
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    I currently am in a relationship. If I could go back in time and talk to my past self, he would think I'm crazy. Opportunities, in every field of life, are like buses: you might miss one, but there's always another one coming around.
    Something that I would tell my past self is this: having a partner won't solve all your problems. Sure, it may make you feel better, for a bit, but the troubles you went trough in order to get a relationship will be substituted by the ones you'll have to go trough in order to mantain it.
    I don't want to convey a Nihilistic message, but rather the opposite. Relationships arent' everyting that matters in life. I think you should be working on yourself before working on a (serious) relationship with another person.
  12. Yea... just the stress of trying to get the girl to like me was more than enough evidence to prove a relationship wouldn't make my situation better.
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    Okay I did not read the whole thread, but just want to say - there is a woman outthere who is just as fucked up as you that will fit you. She may not be easy to find, but being back home sure aint doing any good in that direction.
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    I’ve given up on being in a relationship at all. Just not going to happen. Seeing all the happy people kills me inside. I just can’t imagine how others find their genuine soulmate as if it’s so easy. I have confidence and I’d say I’m likeable as a person but I just can’t imagine someone actually wanting and loving me. It seems way off, and I feel like sleeping more as my thoughts grow darker. Knowing what I could have but probably never will.
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  15. I don't know... I feel like most people just want to present some glossy, idealized version of themselves to avoid their inner pain.
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    Or settle for something, telling themselves it’s better than what it is.
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    Same here, for me its mostly becouse my own issues related to my autism. I have always sucked at releations with other people, especially girls/women.
    I stumble on the words all the time, cant express myself in real time(not it text). For me emotions are like fumbleing in the dark. I have them but expressing them and understand them is very difficult for me. I dont know what i am doing at all and it it has not improved for the almost 40y i have been on this earth..

    Is strange becouse i have dreamed and fantasized about girls/women since like 6y old, must be 10s of thousands of hours or more daydreaming about them.

    I have watched those dateing tv-series like love on the spectrum and for me that feels like on another world, foreign. Is it like that. In the real world there is so little room and time for emotions, thats atleast my perception. You are supposed to be this machine, working and studying. I dont even understand how ppl find the time or energy to date and stuff.
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    Continue working on yourself; the rest will fall into place when you least expect it, as long as you believe it.
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  19. We accept the love we think we deserve
    Sorry just had to, instantly popped into my head.
    My input, other than that is that, we'll accept anything except loneliness (only for some people that is)
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    I like being fit and healthy. But I’ve been doing that knowing it’s probably not leading anywhere in terms of relationships, as time has proven. But I keep going. There is no magic bullet of ‘just do this and this’.
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